10 Examples of Using Email for Lifecycle Marketing

Article first published in August 2017, updated June 2019

Marketers understand that people rarely purchase after their
first touch with a website or brand. Consumers need nurturing at
multiple stages throughout the purchase funnel.

Lifecycle marketing allows companies to send multiple emails
with the goal of educating prospects so they understand what the
company offers and how it can help them succeed. In other words,
companies use lifecycle marketing to increase the likelihood of
purchase, increase retention, and lifetime value.

But, as Anthony Nygren, from EMI Strategic Marketing,
says, “Lifecycle Marketing isn’t just about sending messages
customers might like—it’s about positively influencing their

Lifecycle marketing campaigns aren’t one-size-fits-all tactics
that you can just plug and play. You must adapt each campaign to
your industry, your personas, and your specific goals. With that
said, let’s take a moment to touch on the basics of lifecycle
marketing and what it means for your brand and your prospects.

What is lifecycle marketing

We touched on what lifecycle marketing is; however, there’s so
much more to it. Lifecycle marketing helps marketers guide
potential customers through specific milestones in their sales
funnel or brand relationship.

What is the marketing lifecycle?

In short, the marketing life cycle is designed to help marketers
address their audience’s specific needs as they go from a
prospect to a subscriber through to a loyal customer. Of course,
the cycle isn’t that simple—while we wish it went that
smoothly, the marketing life cycle also must include the indecisive
customer, lapsed customers, repeat customers, and more.

This lifecycle marketing model shows us just how complicated the
cycle can be, especially once you’ve aligned it to your many
marketing channels.

This lifecycle marketing model shows us just how complicated the cycle can be, especially once you’ve aligned it to your many marketing channels. 
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What are the stages of the customer lifecycle journey?

Now, as intimidating as that model may look, that’s the
reality of having a business with multiple channels to it. For
those starting small, you’ll want to begin by addressing the most
common stages of the customer lifecycle journey, and then align it
to your brand’s marketing goals.

The typical stages of the customer lifecycle journey look a
little something like this.

The typical stages of the customer lifecycle journey look a little something like this.

Source: Alexa

Each stage is an essential piece of the lifecycle marketing
process, so having a basic understanding of each is crucial.

  • Brand awareness – your prospect first learns of your brand
    and products/services
  • Brand engagement – your prospect begins interacting with your
    brand, possibly through subscribing to your email list
  • Customer evaluation of the brand – Prospects will evaluate
    what you have to offer them and decide if it’s worth making the
  • Customer purchase – After the evaluation process, they’ll
    hopefully choose to make a purchase.
  • Post-purchase experience – The brand will want to reach out
    to the consumer to ensure their expectations have been met.
  • Customer advocacy – If all goes well and your brand has a
    happy customer, then they’ll begin to spread the word of their
    experience to those around them.

In this post, you’ll learn ten examples of companies that
use lifecycle
 to communicate with their subscribers and

Software Campaign Monitor

A great way to learn about lifecycle marketing is from Campaign
Monitor. I’ve been using it to promote my personal blog for some time and,
recently, I decided to use it to launch a new email-based personal project of mine.

After I signed up, I immediately received a welcome
. It starts with a warm thank you that includes
some social
 Then it recommends three clear ways to get started.
Since it’s common for people to have questions before getting
started with any tool, Campaign Monitor also offers customer
support help, in case you need it.

Campaign Monitor – Email Marketing Tool – Welcome Email

After I sent my first campaign, I was reminded to analyze
the results
, which was both helpful and useful.

Campaign Monitor – Analyze Email Campaign Results

A day after I sent my campaign (which had been scheduled), I
received a second email with a direct link to the analytics
reporting, and a link to Worldview and
the iOS app.

Campaign Monitor – Analytics Report Email

E-Commerce Allbirds

Allbirds is a shoe
company from New Zealand that sells wool shoes that are all the
rage with tech folks, millennials, and nearly everyone else.

The first email I received was a brief explanation of what they
do and what they stand for. The email shared the company’s values
rather than just talking about the product itself. They talk about
their shoes, but from a value perspective (environmental
sustainability, benefits of their shoes) and not about specific
features. What I love about Allbirds is their values, so it makes
sense they talk about them before they talk about their shoes.

Email Marketing – Company Values

After I submitted my order, I received a standard order
confirmation email.
Simple and effective.

AllBirds – Order Confirmation Email

After my order shipped, I received another email providing me
the tracking number.

AllBirds – Order Tracking Email

What I didn’t receive is a product review email or education
about the importance of wool and sustainability. It would’ve been
great if I had but, so far, they’re a small company and their
lifecycle marketing campaign is simple and effective.


Bodybuilding.com is
an online retailer specializing in dietary supplements, sports
supplements, and bodybuilding supplements.

After I signed up for their newsletter, the first email I
received was a thank
, with simple 1-2-3 steps: Browse their most popular
products, see what new content they have, and find a training

Bodybuilding.com – Lifecycle Marketing - Thank You Email

A few days later, I received an extensive news update with
information about training, nutrition, and motivational content.
Lastly, it contained a promotion.

Bodybuilding.com – Lifecycle Marketing – Email Updates

The last email I received was purely sales-focused. It contained
a large array of products available with a discount, mostly focused
on pre-workout products.

Bodybuilding.com – Lifecycle Marketing – Product Email

All the subsequent emails I received were either news-focused or

Just Eat

Just Eat is one of the
largest online food delivery companies in the world, with a market
valuation of over $5 billion.

After signing up for their service, I received a welcome email
with my login credentials. This email could be even more effective
if it recommended places close to my location, steps to order for
the first time, and FAQs, among other things.

Just Eat – Lifecycle Marketing – Welcome Email

After I placed my first order, I received an email order
confirmation with the details of the order, including the time of
delivery, the food ordered, and the shipping destination.

Just Eat – Lifecycle Marketing – Confirmation Email

A few hours after I received the order, I received an email with
an offer for my next order to incentivize a repeat purchase.

: Just Eat – Lifecycle Marketing – Offer Email

A day after my order, I received an email asking for a review.
This is a smart move, as
are one of the most effective content types people use
to make a purchase.

Just Eat – Lifecycle Marketing – Review Order


Note: The example emails were sourced from Really Good EmailsPinterest, and

Source: FS – Email Marketing Blogs!
10 Examples of Using Email for Lifecycle Marketing