12 Exceptional Newsletters That Will Change Your Approach to Email Forever

The best email newsletters provide value and captivate subscribers week after week. That’s how smart email marketers get their audience to open, click, and share their newsletter again and again.

But how do you consistently produce and deliver an engaging newsletter? A little inspiration from the most successful email newsletters can help!

The AWeber team is constantly scouring the internet for the top email newsletters on the planet. Here, we narrow the results down to 12 of our favorite email newsletters.
1. Total Annarchy by Ann Handley
In her bi-weekly email newsletter Total Annarchy, Handley, a masterful digital marketer and author of “Everybody Writes,”  shares writing tips, links to useful content, and, as she says,“some high-spirited shenanigans.”

“The tone is unique, bold and confident, which I think many email newsletters lack these days. Ann is a true authority in content marketing and this newsletter isn’t afraid to make that known. I’d say it’s ‘long,’ but that might imply that it’s verbose and boring. It’s not. It’s thick, but in a good way— more like a hearty bowl of soup. Full of useful content, both original and curated. Can’t recommend this newsletter enough.”

– Tom Tate, Product Marketing Manager at AWeber

2. InVision Weekly Digest
A weekly email about the latest design trends, InVision packs their email newsletter with their most recent content, as well as curated articles from other brands.

We absolutely love their creative call-to-action button content. Plus, the simple design and concise content make this newsletter one you can skim in seconds.

“I really like the InVision newsletter because it contains content that is specific to my interests. The article titles and images are eye catching and easy to digest, making it easier for me to navigate the email quickly and efficiently.”

– Nicole Mascola, Brand Designer at AWeber

3. FoundersGrid
With more than 10,000 subscribers, FoundersGrid is a weekly email newsletter focused on delivering the best tech and startup news. It’s packed with valuable content in a digestible format.

“I like that it’s easy to digest. It’s a ‘Goldilocks’ type email — just enough content that can be quickly skimmed and consumed.”

– Erik Harbison, Chief Marketing Officer at AWeber

4. The Daily
Entrepreneur and business expert Jay Clouse reflects on his latest learnings from building his own business in his newsletter The Daily. His down-to-earth and human tone builds a relationship with subscribers that keeps them reading and coming back.

“Jay always brings his real self in his emails, but maybe my favorite part is very minor towards the bottom. He always adds his feelings on the day before, wins he had, and what he’s focused on. I love the way this adds a level of commitment and progress.”

– Mike Smith, Art Director at AWeber

5. Product Thoughts
For anyone who wants to learn about product management and business leadership, Product Thoughts is a must-subscribe. In a weekly email, the newsletter helps more than 1,500 product leaders stay on top of the latest strategies and tips.

“He includes a thought, something he’s working on, and a trend at the beginning — almost a short blog post — and then includes a curated section of good posts from around the web. It saves me a lot of time because I don’t have to search for this content myself.”

-Meghan Nesta, Product Manager at AWeber


6. Early to Rise by Craig Ballantyne
Week after week, Ballantyne delivers a well-written and insightful newsletter – Early to Rise – which provides his own thoughts on health, wealth, and life. The secret to his success? His deliberate, consistent, and unusual writing schedule.

Ballantyne wakes up at 4 a.m. every day. For two hours straight, he writes. And writes. And writes. He calls this window his ‘magic time,’ when he’s most productive.

“The early wakeup call works. Craig churns out content. He’s always in my inbox — offering original wisdom about fitness, health, business, and self-improvement. His advice is typically wrapped in interesting and relevant anecdotes, so it’s creative and never boring. His consistency and unique delivery makes his newsletter a must-open.”

– Jill Fanslau, Content Marketing Manager at AWeber

7. Jocelyn K. Glei’s Newsletter
Providing value in your newsletter doesn’t always translate to a long-form blog post or video. Your audience might appreciate other forms of content as well — like beautiful art. Jocelyn K. Glei’s newsletter mixes a bit of art and content in her emails.

“Jocelyn always features various artists work in her newsletter, giving credit where credit is due. But beyond that her links and articles are always the best curated from around the web.”

– Mike Smith, Art Director at AWeber

8. Smashing Newsletter
Some email newsletters stand out because they’re unique. Others rise above the rest with an unwavering dedication to quality. Smashing Newsletter manages to do both in their bi-monthly letter to subscribers.

“I LOVE Smashing Newsletter because every edition is jam packed with synopses that clearly communicate which articles from the bunch might captivate me, instead of just teasing me into clicking. I also love the fact that there’s a table of contents at the beginning of each newsletter.”

– Chris Vasquez, Director of Product at AWeber

9. Doctor of Credit
While many successful newsletters utilize a designed template and beautiful imagery, this isn’t a necessity.

When you provide huge value and make your subscribers’ lives easier, you can keep it simple. And that’s just what Doctor of Credit does in their daily email newsletter focused on helping people improve their credit and save money.

“It’s super simple but has lots of great info if you are a credit card rewards and points geek like me.”

– Andy Shal, Affiliate Marketing Manager at AWeber

10. Sidebar
Every morning, the Sidebar newsletter sends an email with the top 5 design articles of the day. It contains educational content to help designers master their craft. It’s simplistic, yet crazy useful.

“I like how quick and short this newsletter is. I receive the email every morning, and it’s easy for me to read it as I’m starting my work day. And since I’m a designer, the content is very relevant and helpful.”

-Kelsey Paone, UI Designer at AWeber

11. theSkimm
theSkimm is a daily email geared towards women and delivered at approximately 6:30 a.m.

“Every morning, without fail, I open and read it. The tone of the newsletter is fun and 90’s pop culture references are abundant, which perfectly suits their predominately millennial audience. The newsletter helps me stay on top of political and cultural news without spending hours searching the internet myself. Plus, theSkimm peppers in humor throughout each email.”

– Liz Willits, Senior Content Marketing Specialist at AWeber


12. The AWeber Newsletter
If you want to stay on top of the latest email marketing trends, see more success with email, and get strategy tips from the experts, the AWeber blog newsletter is a necessity. Our weekly newsletter is packed with valuable email marketing content in an easy-to-skim format.

We’re email marketing addicts and proud of it. When you subscribe, you’ll learn from email experts who spend hours testing new email marketing strategies. (so you don’t need to!)

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12 Exceptional Newsletters That Will Change Your Approach to Email Forever