16 Email List Management Tools to Make Your Life Easier

One of the cornerstones of modern digital marketing is email.
For this reason, effective email list management is critical to get
the most out of your online marketing efforts.

Fortunately, today, many powerful list management tools are
available to help track subscribers, boost sign-ups, and prune
lists of dead weight. Many of these tools offer advanced
technologies that can not only improve the experience for your
customers but provide you, the digital marketer, with a better
handle on what your customers really want by integrating with your
Email Service Provider (ESP).

This is a win-win for both your company and its valued

5 basic keys to better email list management

When email is working for you, it leads to engaged customers and
more sales. Thus, investing in tools to help you manage this growth
can be extremely beneficial.

In choosing the right tools for your email list, consider the
following five basic keys to improving your email marketing

  • Automation: Automation streamlines the process
    of building, managing, and maintaining email lists.
  • Integration: Integration connects various apps
    and tools to create a synergistic system that is better than the
    sum of its parts.
  • Analytics: Analytics are important. Measure
    what’s working and what’s not to come away with actionable data
    to make better strategic choices.
  • Personalization: Personalization is all about
    creating email campaigns that speak to the specific needs of your
    individual customers.
  • Engagement: When all of the above tools are
    used properly, it should lead to more engagement from your
    customers. and that inevitably means more sales.

By leveraging tools that enable automation, integration,
analytics, personalization, and engagement, you will have much
better success with your email campaigns.

16 email list management tools to make your life easier

Through the use of powerful engagement tools, better signup
forms, improved analytics, artificial intelligence, and more, your
email list management can go to the next level. The following email
list tools can totally transform how your company manages its email

1. Zapier

is a powerful automation tool that lets you set up workflows that
work with more than a thousand popular apps and services, including
Gmail, Dropbox, and Campaign Monitor. The simple, easy-to-use point
and click interface lets you create personalized workflows that can
help build and maintain your list.

For example, your email subscribers can be automatically added
from Facebook, Google Sheets, Typeform entries, and Eventbrite

Your email marketing data can also be backed up to Google Sheets
for further analysis and trend tracking.

2. Boomtrain

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming more
and more important in email marketing. Keeping up with this
exciting new technology can really help boost your business.
is one such tool that leverages machine learning to offer
personalized one to one (1:1) experience in your email

Through the creation of dynamic 1:1 content offered to customers
and prospects, your list members will be more likely to stay
engaged with your email list instead of unsubscribing or just
ignoring your messages. With machine learning algorithms to monitor
what is interesting to your customers, you can easily serve up
compelling targeted content that keeps customers happy.

3. AdRoll

synergizes your email marketing with your display advertising and
social media outreach to offer an integrated brand experience
across all digital marketing channels. Your subscriber lists can be
synced with AdRoll to support greater conversions and retargeting.
AdRoll has also set up a new service called AdRoll Prospecting that
works to attract new customers and expand your subscriber list.

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4. WordPress

WordPress is the most popular free open source content
management system due to its ease of use and powerful features.
your ESP with WordPress
allows you to easily add mailing list
signup forms that seamlessly integrate with your website. The
Campaign Monitor integration includes five types of signup forms: a
slide out, lightbox, top or bottom bar, button, or embedded.

5. OptinMonster

If you want even more form design options for WordPress, try

. This email form builder offers a drag and drop
interface, support for various campaign types, triggers to
determine which forms show up when, targeted campaigns, analytics,
and integration with your ESP.

6. Facebook

While advertising has become more challenging on Facebook in
recent years due to the company’s policy changes, it is still one
of the most important places to advertise your business online.
Your Facebook page is often the first place people will go to in
order to understand what your business is about, read reviews
(positive and negative), and read the latest updates.

If you do not have an email newsletter signup form on Facebook,
you are surely missing out on new subscribers. Fortunately, this is
easily rectified by
integrating your ESP with Facebook

7. Google Analytics

has been an important tool for website analytics for
years, but did you know it can also be used to track and monitor
your email campaigns? Google Analytics can also assist with A/B
testing, which is a way to see which version of an email draws a
better response. You can also track subscriber conversions and
monitor integrated email campaigns with automated link tagging.

8. Litmus

Litmus is
another way to test your emails to see how they are engaging with
your customers. It also ensures that your emails look fantastic on
any number of screens, from the smallest mobile sizes to large
desktops. It also screens your email message to make sure it
doesn’t get flagged as spam.

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9. Drupal

Drupal is a powerful and customizable open source content
management system that powers major websites. Highly scalable,
Drupal is the choice of many developers due to its flexibility and
robust architecture. Add-ons to Drupal are called modules (instead
of plug-ins as in WordPress), and Drupal also integrates with
your ESP

10. Neat

automates that tedious task of entering business card information
into a database. Using Neat’s easy scanning software, business
card info can be easily captured and then used for a variety of
applications. Business card data can then be segmented by project,
event, or location as the information is entered into email

11. WooCommerce

is a popular e-commerce solution and a great way to
sell things online. With an ESP integration  for WooCommerce, you
can offer an email subscription option at checkout to keep
customers engaged with your brand after the initial sale. Pre-built
segmentation is also offered to help you target specific groups of

12. Shopify

If your preferred e-commerce system is Shopify, you can
thankfully also integrate it into your email marketing platform.
The app offers a versatile suite of tools that can not only gather
subscribers from checkout but personalize email campaigns based on
their past purchases. Repeat customers can also be offered engaging
promotions and bonuses that keep them coming back for more.

13. ViralSweep

offers a creative way to engage your website visitors and get them
to voluntarily sign up for your email list. It provides a framework
for offering sweepstakes, giveaways, or contests on your website
that requires an email entry. The app has a social sharing feature
that offers bonus entries when customers conduct certain actions
such as going to a specific web page, following your company’s
Twitter or Instagram feeds and sharing referral links with friends
and family.

These options provide many fun creative ways to get the
attention of busy customers and generate excitement and interest in
your brand.

14. MailMunch

MailMunch is a
full-featured lead generation tool that enables you to create
compelling opt-in forms on your website, no matter what the
platform. WordPress users can also use an optional plugin. These
colorful, attention-grabbing forms can be set up to engage your
website visitor at the optimal time, to improve the rate of
subscriber signups.

15. Unbounce

Landing pages are important for sales – whether you are using
them to gather email subscribers or sending your customers to the
landing page from an email. Unbounce enables the creation of high
conversion landing pages, website popups, and sticky bars, to help
build your list and close sales. Unbounce
integrates with
your ESP, making it even more powerful.

Image Source: Unbounce

16. Fresh Relevance

Personalization is the key to keeping your email list
subscribers on board. Fresh
is a high-powered behavioral tracking and triggers
tool that make email into a multi-faceted, real-time resource. For
example, you can add a real-time countdown to an email to let
customers know when a coupon will be expiring.

Wrap up

As you can see, you have many fantastic options to choose from
for empowered email list management. These tools can help with:

  • Automation
  • Integration
  • Analytics
  • Personalization
  • Engagement

By leveraging these tools, you can gain new subscribers and keep
existing ones in your email ecosystem.

Campaign Monitor
offers an easy-to-use email platform, complete with mobile-friendly
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