4 Pre-Built Email Campaigns That You Can Use Right Now!

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Email automation is powerful. It lets you connect with your
audience around-the-clock, convert leads into customers, turn
customers into superfans, and drive serious results. And it does
all of this while you’re busy doing other important things, like
running your business or watching Game of Thrones.

But there’s one big catch: Your email campaign needs to have
the right emails in the right order if you want to reach your

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could import a proven,
tested campaign from an email expert into your AWeber account with
just a few clicks?

Well, now you can!

New in AWeber! Shareable Campaigns

has added a new update: Shareable
This tool gives you the ability to add another
email marketer’s pre-built, successful email campaign into your
account in seconds. Think of these automated campaigns like
blueprints that you can easily tweak and customize before sending
to your own audience.

On the other hand, you can share your best campaigns with the
click of a button, too. For each campaign, AWeber’s platform will
generate a unique code that you can hand out to others.

No more trying to replicate supermarketers’ email flows or
wondering why your series isn’t working. AWeber’s Shareable
Campaigns feature will help you automate your email marketing
faster than ever before.

Here are some ways you may be able to use Shareable Campaigns

Marketing agencies and consultants: Easily pass
along important and/or effective email flows to your client’s or
team member’s account.

Franchises and teams: Share campaigns across
accounts so all messaging is on brand. Emails will share a
consistent look (the same templates, imagery, fonts, and colors)
and voice and tone.

Marketing experts, bloggers, or educators: Do
you teach others how to incorporate email into their marketing
funnels? Share automated campaigns with your students or clients so
they can get started with email automation.

AWeber Affiliates: Create a Shareable Campaign
as an incentive to drive new referrals to AWeber. Simply share your
Campaign code with your audience, along with an AWeber sign up link
with your
Affiliate ID
attached. You’ll get commissions for anyone who
signs up for an account using your link!

an AWeber Affiliate
, and receive a recurring 30%
commission on any new account you refer to us!)

4 campaigns you can add to your AWeber account right now!

AWeber’s email experts are sharing 4 proven email campaigns
below. Pick 1, 2, or all of them to import into your AWeber
account. Just copy the sharing code provided, add it to a new
Campaign, fill in the blanks to personalize the content, and
you’re done! It’s that simple.

*Want to import one of these Shareable Campaigns into your
AWeber account? Just click the “copy” button below to add the
Shareable Code to your computer’s clipboard. Then, head to your
AWeber account and paste it into a new Campaign. You’re done!

Shareable Campaign #1: the welcome campaign

Use this automated email series to welcome new subscribers to
your list and begin building a relationship with them.

Import code:


Shareable Campaign #2: the lead magnet campaign

Do you offer a lead magnet — a.k.a. freebie or incentive —
on your sign up form to entice people to join your list? This
automated series will deliver it to your new subscribers
immediately after they join your list.

Import code:


Shareable Campaign #3: the blogger campaign

Want your audience to fall in love with your blog content? This
automated campaign will show off your best blog posts so
subscribers keep coming back for more. Plus, it will welcome people
to your email list and promote your product or service (if you have

Import code:


Shareable Campaign #4: the mini-course campaign

If you’re a course creator, a free email mini-course is the
perfect way to show off your expertise, build a relationship with
new subscribers, and then promote your paid course at the perfect
time. This campaign will help you do just that!

Import code:


How to import a Shareable Campaign into your AWeber account

1.Go to the Campaigns page and choose the list where you’d
like the Campaign added.

2. Click the “Create a Campaign” button. In the dropdown menu
that appears, select “Import Campaign.”

3. Paste the Shareable Campaign code into the portal window, and
select “Import.” (Your series will load after a brief delay.)

4. Once the Campaign loads, you can customize the content if
you’d like, and then activate the series.

How to create a Shareable Campaign code inside your AWeber

1.Under the Campaign you’d like to share, select the
“Sharing Options” button.

2. In the window that appears, click the toggle labeled, “Make
this campaign sharable.” This will generate a Shareable Campaign
code that you can pass along.

That’s it!

For more information and details on copying and sharing
Campaigns, check out our
Knowledge Base article

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4 Pre-Built Email Campaigns That You Can Use Right Now!