5 Halloween Email Promo Ideas For Retail and Small Business

It’s the time of year when lovers of all things spooky and
frightful rejoice. Halloween is one of the year’s biggest
holidays, with its unmistakable décor, abundance of costumes,
scary movie marathons, and sugary treats for those who indulge.

Halloween is also a marketer’s dream. This holiday is one
where people spend big—to be specific, the last two years both
saw retail
spending at around $9 billion
during the Halloween season.

Maybe it’s because it’s positioned perfectly at the
beginning of the biggest shopping season of the year, but there’s
something about Halloween that makes people go after products and
services like a trick or treater goes after candy.

Retailers and small businesses, in particular, can take
advantage of this holiday’s distinct style and its ability to
generate sales by incorporating it into their email marketing.

Halloween email ideas for retailers and small businesses

The retail industry requires you to be crafty to get customers
to choose you over competitors. This is especially important if
you’re a small business that’s outmatched in terms of resources
by larger rivals.

Here are some creative email ideas that capture the autumn
ambiance and set the scary scene properly, while offering your
readers something they’ll be glad landed in their inbox.

1. Trick or treat (setup and reward)

Common phrases like “trick or treat” can be turned into the
basis for a great promotional email. It plays off the fear many
email readers have that the senders populating their inbox are out
to get their clicks or money by any means necessary.
To start your email off, open with the trick portion. This could be
any number of things, including:

  • A familiar tactic competitors use to take advantage of
  • A frequent misconception about your brand or your products
  • A surprising statistic about your general industry

Once you list this fact, you’ll need to follow it up with the
treat portion of the email. This will usually come in the form of a
discount, limited-time offer, or freebie. Don’t forget to set it
up with some seasonally appropriate artwork.

 Email promo with pumpkin, mummy, and ghost cartoon images.

Really Good Emails

So how do you link the two together? Maybe you’re a retailer
with a pharmacy component. List facts about flu shots, maybe about
how people think they’re scarier than they actually are. Then
follow that up with a special deal on flu shots or even a
front-store discount of some kind.

Let’s say you’re a small business focused on electronics.
Talk about the misconception that only big businesses can offer the
best prices on electronics, then offer your own special deal

This trick-or-treat formula first connects with the reader on a
genuine level, helping them feel like they’ve avoided being taken
advantage of, then offers them a reward after. It’s classic
marketing, and it fits perfectly with the theme of the holiday.

2. Play off fear.

Haunted houses, scary stories, horror movies—while Halloween
can have a friendly and playful aspect to it, it’s also
intertwined with fear.

Why focus an entire holiday on such a negative emotion? Because
this emotion has some positive implications as well. The fear they
may get sick is what causes many people to exercise, eat healthy,
or go to the doctor. The fear of being broke causes them to work
hard, set budgets, and save money.

Marketers know
how to use fear
, too. While the approach has been criticized by
some who call it too aggressive or jarring to use with a customer
base you want to re-engage with regularly (as most email marketers
would), Halloween is one of the few times it’s appropriate.

For one, talk about the fear of missing out. Even if you don’t
have a huge deal to promote at the moment, turn it into an
opportunity to let stagnant or inactive subscribers know what
they’re missing out on.

Halloween cupcakes with tombstones on top

Really Good Emails

As with nearly all email promos, you’re better off if you can
offer some kind of special promotion to your readers. If you’re
trying to invoke fear about missing out, make sure it’s something
worth considering.

It doesn’t hurt to add in a spooky image either. Any Halloween
monster or creature works—just make sure not to make it so
over-the-top that it repels the reader before they can consider the
deal or offer you’re making them.

3. Dress up your traditional layout for Halloween.

This one is particularly effective if you use a similar layout
or design style for all your emails. Even if each one comes with an
exciting deal that’s different from the last, you risk having
them passed over if your design is static.

Halloween is a time known for costumes and decorations. It seems
everything gets splashed with a bit of the day’s décor, and your
email marketing shouldn’t be any different.

Consider outfitting your email color scheme with a Halloween
makeover. If orange and black aren’t your favorite choices,
consider throwing in some dark purples, or even greens. The former
is great for creating the image of a dreary night, while the latter
brings to mind images of zombies, witches, and other creatures.

Even your logo can get a makeover. Throw some pumpkin, ghost, or
bat sprites around it to make it look a little more appropriate for
the season. Other ideas include:

  • Framing your discount or offer like its placed in a trick or
    treat bag surrounded by candy
  • Positioning important text inside the doorway of a haunted
  • Placing candy sprites around the email’s various sections and
    groups of text

Even if it’s just small, subtle touches, going with Halloween
graphics can make your email stick out and maybe even convince
readers to take a closer look at what you’re offering.

4. Play off the seasonal language.

There’s no question that the
language you use impacts results.

Halloween brings to mind tons of words that don’t really fit
in at other times of the year. Words dealing with fear and even
wickedness are commonly thrown around. Words that would sound out
of place at any other time of year can fit in just fine near the
end of October.

Halloween promo email promoting multiple foods and drinks

Really Good Emails

The use of the word wicked here is a perfect example of how you
can empower your language to make your email copy a little punchier
around this holiday. Possibilities could include describing your
deals as frighteningly good or your prices as scary low.

If you’re offering perks like great support with your
products, tell your readers not to get spooked by product
questions. If you’re trying to get across that your company is
trustworthy, describe it as transparent as a friendly ghost.

There are plenty of possibilities out there, and the more
creative you get, the better chance you have of making your
Halloween email promo a success.

5. Use Halloween as a primer for upcoming holidays.

As mentioned, Halloween is symbolic of the start of the year’s
biggest shopping season. Some may even say the season starts before
that, with the lead-up to Halloween being a part of the season.

Once you know the
tips for holiday email marketing
, you can set up for them in
your Halloween email ideas. Consider the following three examples
of headlines/pitches:

  • “Think Black Friday or Christmas deals are low? Check out
    this offer!”
  • “It’s never too early to start buying great gifts—get
    scary low prices here.”
  • “Looking for a great deal? You don’t have to wait until

Tie in this idea with your Halloween graphics and copy to create
the total package. It’s an email promo that’s relevant to the
current holiday while also focused on something your readers may
have already been thinking about.

Just because most people don’t like holiday music in October
doesn’t mean they aren’t already considering a few shopping
choices. Slip these ideas into an email that comes by in late
October, and you have a formula for success.

Wrap up

Halloween is a great time of the year if you’re a horror fan,
a kid with a sweet tooth, or a marketer who’s looking to be

Retailers and small businesses especially have a need to get
creative when they write emails. An occasion like this presents the
perfect opportunity to deviate from the norm in order to entice
your readers, allowing your team to get creative with your:

  • Copy
  • Graphics
  • Tone
  • Overall strategy

When you consider that this time of year is a proven gateway to
increased spending, you’re looking at a great chance to boost
your click-through and conversion rates.

Remember, the holidays are a time when readers are a little more
open. Even if they’re busy, they’re aware of the festive
ambience around them. If they see their inbox full of similar
sentiments, they’re likely to be more receptive than they may
have otherwise been.

Take advantage of this holiday with a scary good email strategy.
Learn how to boost your holiday email marketing success,
starting with your subject lines.

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5 Halloween Email Promo Ideas For Retail and Small Business