5 Ridiculously Cool Ways We’ve Used AMP for Email

AWeber and AMP for Email

Everything you know about email is about to dramatically change

That’s a bold statement, but it’s true…I know because my
AWeber teammates and I are using revolutionary email technology
that wasn’t widely available a year ago. In fact, we were one of
the first marketing teams to start using it a few months ago. 

I’m talking about AMP for Email.

What is AMP for Email?

With AMP (which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages) for Email,
your message is no longer a stagnant document that gathers dust
inside an inbox after it’s read. It’s now a living,
ever-changing experience that encourages the reader to stick
around. To explore. To interact. To come back again and again. To

It transforms a previously static medium into an interactive and
dynamic channel in which to communicate with your audience.

That means readers can book an appointment, RSVP to an event,
sign up for a newsletter, leave a product review, answer a survey
or quiz, or view a live package shipping update — inside an
email.  They never need to open a new window or head to their

AMP for Email became available in Gmail in March 2019. The tech
is still in its infancy and only currently available for Gmail,
Outlook, and Mail.ru users, but it will become more widespread and
robust in the very near future.

And right now,
AWeber is the


small business email service provider to support the new AMP for
Email technology
for our customers. We are continuously
evolving how powerfully-simple it is for you to send AMP for
Email-powered messages in AWeber.

“By adding AMP message support to our API, we’re ensuring
our customers have the most up-to-date tools and technology at
their fingertips to create messages that will help them connect
with their customers and rapidly grow their businesses,” said
Chris Vasquez, Director of Product at AWeber.

AWeber isn’t just empowering customers to use AMP for Email.
We’re using it ourselves.

How AWeber is using AMP for Email in our own email

Since AMP for Email launched, my teammates and I have been using
the tech in
our weekly email marketing newsletter, FWD: Thinking
. In fact,
anywhere from 25% to 30% of all clicks on the newsletter’s main
call-to-action (CTA) come from readers viewing an AMP-enabled
version. (We still send an HTML version every week, too, for people
not using Gmail, Outlook, or Mail.ru.)

We’ve only scratched the surface of what we can do with the
technology, but it’s exciting to experiment to see which AMP
elements drive the most engagement from our newsletter readers.
Keep reading for a list of some of the interactive and dynamic AMP
for Email content we’ve tested so far.

AMP for Email: Image Carousel 

We showed off our free, seasonal GIF guides in interactive
image carousels
inside the newsletter. As a
FWD: Thinking
reader, you could easily click or tap the arrows
inside the email to scroll through a handful of GIFs. 

If you weren’t viewing the AMP-enabled version of the
newsletter, you would have seen a single GIF at the top of the
email. You had to click into the blog post to view more.

Big news!
AWeber just added the image carousel into our drag-and-drop email
. Just drag it into your email and add up to 6 images.
You can use it today! Not an AWeber customer yet?

Sign up for a free trial of AWeber.

We have tested the image carousel with two GIF guides so

Fall GIF Guide, August 2019
AWeber Image Carousel AMP for Email

Check out AWeber’s
Fall GIF Guide.

Holiday GIF Guide, November 2019

Check out
AWeber’s Holiday GIF Guide.

The percentage of readers clicking the AMP image carousel
element increased by 28% from our Fall GIF Guide to our Holiday GIF

The Holiday GIF Guide could have been more popular among AMP
viewers, but we doubted that could account for such a drastic

One of the main reasons we can surmise for the significant boost
in engagement? In the short time between the two emails, Outlook
made AMP for Email available and GSuite rolled out AMP support so
it was turned on by default. 

Our hypothesis: The pool of potential
FWD: Thinking
readers seeing AMP for Email elements in their
inboxes (desktop and mobile) is increasing every single month as
more Internet Service Providers make it available. The percentage
of people interacting with AMP elements will only continue to go

AMP for Email: Feedback Form

We’ve always collected questions and feedback from our
readers. It helps pinpoint our
readers’ biggest pain points
and spur new educational content

In the past, the CTA for our newsletter’s feedback form took
you to a separate webpage to fill out. With AMP for email, you can
now submit your question directly into the email. No leaving the
inbox! This reduces friction for the user and increases our
likelihood of garnering responses. 

AWeber Feedback Form AMP for Email

Our readers who received the AMP-enabled version of the
newsletter noticed the change. One subscriber, Andre V., even wrote
into the feedback form:

I have a question about this form in the email… Does it
submit? What wizardry is this?

Andre, meet AWeber’s sorcerer, AMP for Email.

AMP for Email: Sentiment Widget

AWeber gives all customers the option to add sentiment widgets
to their emails. You can think of them as quick “temperature
checks” to make sure your subscribers find your content useful or

Previously, the sentiment widget would take you to a separate
landing page outside of your inbox. There, you could add more info
about why you liked or didn’t like the email.

AMP for Email, however, allowed us to make this element
interactive and dynamic. Not only can you click on the smiley or
frowny face within the email, but you can also write your response
inside the message, too.

AWeber Sentiment Widget AMP for Email

Plus, you can find out how many other subscribers felt the same
as you. If you leave the message, come back later, and click the
face again, the numbers may update depending on how many people
interacted with the AMP element while you were gone.

AMP for Email: Polls and Quizzes

We recently conducted a quiz inside our FWD:
Thinking newsletter
using AMP for Email. (It’s a lot like the
quizzes you see inside Instagram or Facebook stories.) 

AWeber Email Quiz AMP for Email

After you clicked on an answer, you were automatically given the
correct answer and the percentage breakdown of how many other

FWD: Thinking
subscribers chose each answer. 

Just like with our AMP for Email sentiment widget, if you left
the newsletter and came back later, you could see updated
percentages of subscribers’ answers.

So what happened if you didn’t have access to AMP? You were
taken to a separate landing page that gave you the answer to the
quiz. However, you never got to see the dynamic breakdown of
subscriber percentages clicking on each answer. 

We also conducted a poll to see if people were sending Black Friday
Cyber Monday
email campaigns this year — and we offered the
final results in a followup email the next week. 

AWeber Email Poll AMP for Email

The experience for AMP users was the same as the quiz. You
received a percentage breakdown of subscribers who were or were not
sending Cyber Weekend email campaigns. If you didn’t have AMP,
you were sent outside of the inbox to a separate landing page.

Overall, for both the quiz and the poll, we saw about 20 to 25%
of the total clicks come from people using the AMP for Email

Next Steps: AMP for Email inside AWeber

Right now, getting set up to send AMP for Email messages takes a
bit of work since you need to authenticate your sending domain and
apply to be an AMP for Email sender in Gmail, Mail.ru, and Outlook.
(You can see the full
directions here

But once you’re all set up to send AMP for Email, AWeber’s
product team is making it as seamless and as powerfully-simple as
possible for our customers to send AMP messages through our
platform. We are currently the only small business email marketing
provider that offers AMP for Email capability in our API, and we
have already launched our first AMP element — the image
— in our drag and drop email builder.

For a rundown on how to use AMP for Email in AWeber, sign
up for our free webinar on January 17

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5 Ridiculously Cool Ways We’ve Used AMP for Email