7 Ways to Create a Black Friday Email Campaign That Drives Sales

U.S. retailers earned a record $7.9 billion on Black Friday in
2017, according to Adobe Analytics. That’s an increase of nearly
18% from the prior year! A Black Friday email campaign is a great
way to cash in on all this spending. However, with thousands of
Black Friday emails to compete against, it can be difficult to get
your audience’s attention. With these 7 email campaign tactics,
you’ll stand out inside the inbox. 1. Keep it short. People often
debate the ideal email length. While there’s often no simple
answer, on Black Friday there is. Keep your content brief. Your
subscribers’ inboxes are filled with other emails. They’re busy
looking at numerous sales and online shopping. So get straight to
the point. Describe your sale and link off to your website. For
example, see how mattress company Casper does this in their Black
Friday email below. Related:
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2. Don’t bury
the lede. Journalist are often advised not to bury the lede a.k.a.
the most important information. For email marketing, this is true
as well. Your most important or interesting information should be
near the beginning of your email. On Black Friday, this is crucial.
And the most important information is the discount or deal you’re
offering. To make it easy for your subscriber to see your special
offer at a glance,  include it in the headline of your email. For
their Black Friday email campaign, Code School, an online education
platform, describes their discount in a brief and bold headline.
The headline makes it simple for subscribers to see exactly what
the offer is. Related:
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3. Show off your goods. Another way to increase your click-through
rates on Black Friday? Display your product images inside your
emails. If a subscriber sees something they like, they’ll be much
more likely to click on your call-to-action button. Active gear
retailer HuckBerry created a gift guide for their 2017 Black Friday
email campaign. They gathered their best deals into one email,
including large product images, the original and discounted price,
short descriptions, and call-to-action buttons for each product.
4. Refine your subject lines. To
beat the competition in the inbox on and around Black Friday, your

subject line
must be engaging. To craft a subject line that
stands out, try one or a few of these tactics:

  • Describe your discount or sale in your subject line.
  • Mention how much time people have to claim your deal.
  • Be funny or witty.
  • Keep your subject line under 30 characters.
  • Use an emoji.
  • Explain the discount or sale.

Here are a few subject lines from 2017 Black Friday email campaigns
that use these tactics: Example 1 Company: Chubbies
Subject line: not a typo: 50% off Example 2 Company:
C&T Publishing Subject line: Hours left to shop the
Black Friday sale Example 3 Company: Levenger Subject
Only Hours Left – Black Friday Weekend – 30% Off +
Free Shipping Example 4 Company: Nordstrom Subject
Black Friday shoe deals from UGG, Tory Burch, Hunter and
more Example 5 Company:  Physique Subject line:
Black Friday Deals 💸🎁 Example 6 Company: Overstock Art
Subject line: Last Chance to Shop the Exclusive ⚡ Black
Friday ⚡ Gallery Related:
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Use GIFs. Adding motion to your emails is a great way to be unique
and delight your subscribers on Black Friday.
Add a simple GIF
, a moving image, to do so.
We created FREE GIFs you can use in your emails. Download them
. Kidly, a children’s toy and clothing company, created a
GIF for one of their Black Friday emails. It’s fun — which matches
their brand — and seasonal. The headline and image work together
to create a stand-out email. Related:
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Explain when your deals end. Create urgency by informing
subscribers that your sale ends soon. In his book
Persuasion, best-selling author and psychology professor
Robert Cialdini explains that urgency is a psychological trigger
that encourages people to act. Wonderbly, a children’s book
company, creates a sense of urgency in the headline and copy of
their Black Friday email below. 7. Send emails when others
aren’t. Sometimes, the best way to get high engagement is
avoiding the crowds. To do so, send an email campaign in early
December. It’ll be easier to get your subscribers’ attention.
MusicMagpie, a company that purchases used technology, sent a
post-Black Friday email campaign in 2017. To make their email extra relevant
to subscribers, they position their services as a solution to the
problem of overspending on Black Friday. Start crafting your Black
Friday email campaign today. Need help? Download our free “What
to Write in Your Emails” guide
. You’ll get an email course
that’ll show you how to write great emails. Plus, we’ll also
give you more than 45 fill-in-the-blank email copy templates.
(Thanks to MailCharts and
Really Good Emails for
the email examples used in this post.)

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7 Ways to Create a Black Friday Email Campaign That Drives Sales