Announcing a New Addition to the Campaign Monitor Family: CM Commerce

At Campaign Monitor, our goal has always been to help growing
brands solve complex problems in delightful and simple ways—to do
more with less and make it easy for marketers to engage with their

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve acquired an
ecommerce marketing automation tool, Conversio, and have brought
them into the Campaign Monitor family to deliver an all new
product: CM

Combining Conversio’s industry leading solution with Campaign
Monitor’s team and community will make it easier than ever for
growing businesses to connect with customers, and build a
trustworthy ecommerce brand.

Establishing a successful ecommerce business is tough.

Retail, especially ecommerce, is one of the fastest-growing
markets in the world—expected to reach over
$4.9 trillion by 2021.

The problem is, it’s an incredibly crowded and competitive
space. Many business owners struggle to find the time and resources
to develop a plan that will differentiate their customer experience
from the rest.

Even though entrepreneurs are ambitious and may know what they
want to do from a marketing perspective, most tools are either too
basic or require more time and resources than their team can

CM Commerce takes the pain out of automation.

Our mission for CM Commerce is to make it quick and easy to
automate key moments throughout a customer’s lifecycle, so that
ecommerce businesses of any size can increase conversions, recover
lost revenue and grow a brand that customers recognize and

Customer Aron Schoenfled, CEO at Cafe Joe states it

The extensive capabilities of CM Commerce really make it an
all-in-one solution. We were able to cut out all of the extra apps
we needed for Shopify and our overall conversion rates increased
from 3.1% to over 5%. Using Commerce’s powerful segmentation, our
email open rates have also increased by 36%, compared to our
Mailchimp account.

Seamlessly connect with leading ecommerce stores.

Ecommerce platforms are at the center of every growing retail
business, and the heart of their marketing programs. These
platforms contain all of the most important information about
customers and are the underpinnings of how, when, and why brands
should be engaging with each individual consumer.

CM Commerce provides deep integrations with Shopify,
BigCommerce, and WooCommerce and makes it easy to segment customers
by purchase, demographic, preference, and engagement data, and
never send an irrelevant email again.

CM Commerce segmentation graphic

Take the stress out of marketing with pre-built recipes.

Getting started is half the battle when it comes to email

CM Commerce has a full library of pre-built recipes that make it
super simple set up customized emails that welcome new customers,
nudge people who abandoned their carts, upsell other products with
personalized receipts, and target customers based on their
preferences and behavior.

The templates are all set up and ready to go, so brands can set
it, forget it, and trust that customers are receiving the right
offers at exactly the right time.

CM Commerce graphic showing segments getting personalized automatons

Build brand trust with real customer reviews.

In addition to automated emails, CM Commerce provides a unique
set of options to turn happy customers into the best form of
advertising. A few simple steps make it easy for brands to
immediately capture customer feedback, solicit reviews for recent
purchases, and feature that social proof on their website to
accelerate additional purchases.

CM Commerce customer reviews and social proof added into email

Wrap up

We’re incredibly excited about this new addition to the
Campaign Monitor family. We hope you take some time to learn more
about what CM
brings to the table, and sign up for a free trial if
you’re looking to take your ecommerce business to the next

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Announcing a New Addition to the Campaign Monitor Family: CM
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Announcing a New Addition to the Campaign Monitor Family: CM Commerce