Best Email Marketing Examples for the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is centered around serving people during
tough times. That’s why it’s so important for insurance
companies to build rapport with their customers during better

Luckily, email marketing provides ample opportunities for you to
reach out to subscribers and build a relationship with them before
they need your services. Not to mention, email marketing allows you
to reach new prospects while also maintaining current clients and
keeping them satisfied.

That’s why we’re going to show you examples of emails that
stand out from the crowd when it comes to building relationships
with subscribers.

But first, it’s important to understand why email marketing
for the insurance industry is so vital.

How insurance companies benefit from email marketing

The insurance industry doesn’t always have a positive
reputation, thanks to sneaky practices performed by ill-mannered
companies. This leaves legitimate insurance companies struggling to
reach out and gain the trust of the general public.

Email marketing provides a solution to this issue.

 Email Marketing Example from The Gerber Insurance Company


gives insurance companies the opportunity to reach out to those
who genuinely want the information that they have to give.

It also presents insurance companies with the opportunity to be
genuine with potential and current clients alike. Below are a
handful of ways in which the insurance industry can benefit from
email marketing.

Better-quality communication

Email marketing helps to remove common communication barriers
and can open the door to better-quality communication between the
company and policyholders. Insurance companies can send out timely
information to policyholders on any changes that may be
forthcoming, as well as welcome campaigns to newcomers to keep them
informed and answer any questions promptly.


In addition to opening better lines of communication, email
marketing provides those in the insurance industry the opportunity
to personalize messages in several ways.
has come a long way, and it no longer stops at
adding a policy holder’s name to the beginning of an email.

Thanks to list
, email marketers can break down their email list
into even smaller groups so they can send them more personalized,
relevant material.

Creating segmented email lists takes email personalization to a new level.

Source: Campaign

Measurable results

Email marketing is proven to generate the
highest return on investment
, and monitoring key performance
indicators carefully and comparing them to industry benchmarks is
the only way to determine how well your emails are performing with
your audience.

Insurance Industry Engagement Rates for 2018

Source: IBM

Insurance email marketing benchmarks worth knowing

Understanding email marketing benchmarks is a vital part of your
reviewing process. These are the numbers that’ll tell you if
readers are taking the time to open your emails and engage with the
content you’re sending them.

Average email benchmarks for all industries

We recently analyzed billions of emails that were sent across
millions of campaigns through Campaign Monitor in 2018, and we were
able to compile the results into a comprehensive resource for any
email marketer to use for reference. Here are the average across
all industries:

  • The average open rate: 17.92%
  • The average click-through rate (CTR):
  • The average unsubscribe rate: 0.17%
  • The average click-to-open rate (CTOR):
  • The average bounce rate: 1.06%

Average insurance industry benchmarks

When determining the success of an email marketing campaign,
insurance companies need to consider their open rates,
click-through rates, click-to-open rates, bounce rates, and
unsubscribe rates.

These varying indications will allow you to see what campaigns
sit well with readers and which ones don’t, enabling you to edit
and improve your emails accordingly.

Here are the current industry benchmarks for insurance

  • Unique Opens Rates: 31.4%
  • Click-Through Rates: 4.6%
  • Click-to-Open Rates: 13.2%
  • Hard Bounce Rates: 0.97%
  • Unsubscribe Rates: 0.13%

Stellar email marketing examples for the insurance industry

After taking the time to compare your current benchmarks with
the averages of the insurance industry, you may decide that it’s
time to up the ante when designing your future email campaigns.
Below are a few real-world examples of insurance emails that stand
out from the crowd.

Pets Best

This example from pet insurance company Pets Best does an
excellent job of showcasing how to curate quality content for

Pets Best Insurance Newsletter

Pets Best/Gmail

Not all of the articles shared in this email newsletter are
insurance-related. Although it’s essential to stick with your
niche, that doesn’t mean you can’t share valuable information
that’s closely related to it. Pets Best supplies pet insurance,
so they shared pet wellness topics along with information about
traveling with pets. All of the topics fall in line with pets and
their overall wellbeing in some way.

Takeaway: Running short on shareable content?
Don’t be afraid to curate content that has to do with your
specific niche.

Farmers Insurance

Another great way to utilize email marketing is to keep your
clients informed on product and policy updates. Farmers Insurance
does a wonderful job of this by providing clients with updated
information on their Mobile App.

Farmers Auto Insurance Mobile App Update

Source: Farmers

Takeaway: Email marketing is a great option
when it comes time to update clients on product or policy changes
in a more personalized manner.

Email marketing design ideas to guide your planning process

Subscribers don’t have to suffer from stale, boring email
campaigns. Consider the following email marketing examples to help
inspire your design process.

Mutual of Omaha

This example by Mutual of Omaha stood out because they decided
to have a little fun with their New Year’s email by adding a GIF
background. In the live preview of this email example, viewers see
color-coordinated fireworks that go off behind the message.

Some may argue that GIFs don’t necessarily add value to your
campaigns. However, Experian recently found that 72% of
email marketers
who used animated GIFs recorded higher
transaction-to-click rates.

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company New Year Email Campaign

Really Good Emails

Takeaway: Adding GIFs to an email marketing
campaign can help increase engagement.


When your insurance company expands, it’s worth celebrating.
Don’t just celebrate with your teammates; include your email
subscribers in the fun by sending out a company update. Much like
the policy and product updates, updating your clientele on any good
news is one way to show them that they’re important to you.

The “18” template at the beginning of the email stands out
from the rest of the design and gives readers the idea that the
company is celebrating something having to do with that number,
which is then explained in the body of the message. Don’t be
afraid to play around with varying textures and colors to create
different effects.

Jetty Home and Renters Insurance is now in 18 states across the United States

Source: Really Good

Takeaway: Get creative and celebrate with your
readers. Different colors and cutouts help make specific design
elements stand out, so don’t be afraid to play around a bit
before hitting send.

Wrap up

Email marketing is proven to benefit companies in any industry.
This is especially true when you’re looking to build brand
awareness and trust amongst potential and current clients.

Some of the benefits of email marketing include:

  • Increased communication between consumers and the brand
  • Strengthening the trust between customers and agents
  • The best return on investment of any other digital marketing
  • The ability to send targeted messages to segmented lists

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