Best Fundraising Thank You Emails for Your Supporters

Most nonprofit organizations know the importance of crafting and
sending effective donation request campaigns. However, too few
nonprofits focus on improving and optimizing their thank you

However, thank you emails play a big role in retaining donors
and as such should be a huge part of your email marketing strategy.
That’s more than enough reason to make sure you never overlook
your thank you email again.

Read on to learn how you can get the most out of your thank you

The importance of a thank you email

You may be wondering what makes fundraising thank you emails so

Consider the three following reasons:

1. A thank you email strengthens relationships.

As a nonprofit organization, your main duty is to bridge the gap
between the disenfranchised and donors that are able to help them.
This is what makes more sensitive than other email marketing
campaigns. In many cases, lives are dependent on the success of
your campaign.

A thank you helps strengthen not just the relationship you have
with your donors, but also the relationship they have with the
cause and the people they’re supporting.

2. A thank you email shows your appreciation.

While this may be obvious, it still needs to be mentioned. Your
donors need to know that their contribution to your cause is
appreciated. To show your true appreciation, you need to craft a
thank you note that stands out and shows that you put in effort in
crafting it.

3. You need your donors.

Without donor funding, it’s impossible for any nonprofit
organization to succeed in its mission, let alone survive. Use your
thank you note to let donors know that you appreciate their support
and that you can’t do it without them. This encourages more
participation from them in the future.

12 tips to creating impactful fundraising thank you emails

Since a thank you note is an important part of your nonprofit
email marketing campaign, it’s essential you get it right.

Here are a few tips you can use to ensure your next fundraising
thank you emails get the job done right.

1. Segment your list.

list segmentation
is a critical aspect of email marketing. List
segmentation simply means grouping donors with similar attributes
together in smaller categories. Segmenting an email list isn’t at
all complicated, especially if you’re using Campaign Monitor, as
it has advanced segmentation functionality.

Before sending your thank you note, consider segmenting your
email list according to:

  • New and old donors
  • Recurring donors and first-time donors
  • Number of years the donors have been supporting your cause

Segmenting your email list in this way will help you personalize
your message and show special appreciation to those who’ve stood
by you for many years.

2. Craft a clear subject line.

Your subject line is one of the important elements in an email
that encourages email opens. Be clear in your subject line that you
want to thank the reader.

When crafting your subject line, make it short, punchy, and hard
to resist to increase the chances of your email being opened.

3. Make sure your readers know who the email’s from.

Make sure your organization’s name shows clearly in the
“From” field of your email. People are more likely to open an
email if they know who it’s coming from. One tip for optimizing
your “From” field is to put the name of one of your staff
members and “from [organization name].” A good example would be
something like “Tom from Cat Rescue.”

Including a personal name in the “From” field also enhances
the personalization effect of your thank you email.

4. Get personal.

Personalization isn’t just a strategy you use to get your
donors to interact with your emails when you’re soliciting for
donations. You should also personalize your thank you note. For
example, you could mention the specific amount your reader donated.
Another way to personalize your fundraising thank you emails is by
showing special appreciation to recurring donors.

However, for your thank you email to have greater impact on your
readers, start by personalizing the subject line. Doing so
increases the
chances of your email being opened
by as much as 26%.

5. Keep it short.

Keeping your thank you email short and to the point is one of
the best practices to keep in mind. Your main aim with a thank you
email is to convey your gratitude, so do just that.

Don’t ask for more donations.

6. Share a story.

While it’s important to keep your email short, including a
story is always a good idea. To pull this off, craft your thank you
note as if it’s from one of the affected individuals you’re
assisting. Sharing a story will help you:

  • Show the impact of the donation
  • Help the reader relate to the cause
  • Make the email more interesting

So, next time you craft a thank you note, include a story.

7. Use images.

Use images to help create a lasting impression with your email.
While you’re not asking for donations at this time, images of the
cause you’re championing serve as a gentle reminder that
there’s still a lot to be done.

 Fundraising Thank You quotes depicting a happy donation recipient

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8. Ask your donors to spread the word.

Another tip for crafting high-impact fundraising thank you email
is to ask your recipients to share the cause. Make it easy for
readers to share your email (or a campaign page) by including
social sharing buttons in your email. One of the biggest gifts your
donors can give is to share your cause with their network.

Fundraising Thank You quote for Be My Eyes highlighting share buttons

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Good Emails

9. Include a signature.

While it’s impossible to handwrite every single thank you
email, you can add a personalized touch by including the signature
of a senior person in your organization. Doing so makes your
readers feel more appreciated, as the email will have the
“feel” of coming from a real person.

10. Don’t forget the P.S.

Two of the most read parts of an email are the introduction and
the P.S. Include a P.S. in your thank you email and use it to drive
engagement. For example, use the P.S. to direct readers to a page
where they can get updates on what your organization is doing. It
becomes easier for you to solicit for more donations to those who
express interest by visiting such a page.

You can also use the P.S. to invite those who haven’t signed
up for your newsletter to do so. You can use the P.S. section for
virtually anything that helps you drive engagement with your

11. Remind your donors of the value of their donations.

When crafting your fundraising thank you emails, always make
sure to show your donors the value of their contribution.

Fundraising Thank You quotes SF Marin Food Bank

While in monetary terms it may not be that much, make them feel
they’ve achieved a lot through their donation. Everyone loves
knowing that their contribution isn’t just a figure on paper, but
that it’s making a real difference in the world.

12. Get your timing right.

Timing is everything when it comes to email marketing. However,
when it comes to your thank you email, there are two aspects that
you need to pay special attention to:

  • Send as soon as you can. Your thank you note,
    just like your welcome email, should be sent as soon as possible.
    Anything from immediately to two days after is acceptable. Anything
    more than that isn’t.
  • Send at the right time. If you’re to send
    your thank you email after some time, make sure to send it when
    your reader is awake. Doing so increases the chances of the email
    being seen, opened, and read.

It’s important that your donors see your thank you email as it
plays an important role in brand awareness.

Wrap up

Now that you know what it takes to craft high-impact fundraising
thank you emails, it’s time to put your new insights into action.
A well-designed thank you email goes a long way to ensure that your
donors continue supporting you and your cause. Remember, a thank
you email:

  • Strengthens relationships
  • Shows your appreciation
  • Lets your donors know you need them

For more in-depth information on how to create the perfect
fundraising campaign, make sure to read our guide on

These are ideas that are bound to help you drive more donations,
enabling you to put your fundraising thank you emails to work.

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