Between Babies and Breakfast Photos: How to Use Social Networking to Sell Homes

The iPhone or Android in your pocket right now has more computing power than all of NASA had combined when we landed a man on the moon. Yet many of us expend this vast power scrolling past photos of our friends’ babies and family’s breakfast foods.

What if social media could be a moneymaker instead of a time-waster?

We sat down with Oklahoma-based agent Loren Coburn to see how he got 10 transactions in six months using social media. He gave us three tips:

  1. Identify your target market.
    A great place to start is the zip code where you currently have a home on the market or completed a recent sale. Don’t be satisfied with just one house in the neighborhood. See which other neighbors might be looking to upgrade to another home in the neighborhood or fetch a listing price similar to what their neighbor recently sold for.

Sometimes Coburn gets even more granular and markets specifically to just a quarter-mile around a house he recently listed. This allows neighbors to see the ad. Sometimes neighbors even share posts inviting their friends to look at a house in the neighborhood!

  1. Use the right tools.
    Coburn enters his target zip code or neighborhood into Cole Realty Resource and receives back a list of hundreds or thousands of real cell phones and emails within that area. With a couple of quick formatting adjustments, he then loads those contacts into Facebook’s Ad Manager.

The Ad Manager connects the cell phones and emails to user accounts so Coburn’s ads reach exactly the right audience. Coburn says he captures better leads and has a higher closure rate because of the quality of Cole Realty Resource’s leads.

  1. Create different ads.
    If he’s getting really granular, Coburn uses neighborhood-specific ads to make sure those in closest proximity to the listing see it first. For city-wide campaigns, however, Coburn focuses more on name and face recognition to increase his top-of-mind presence with potential buyers and sellers.

Coburn appreciates how these different approaches using social media and Cole Realty Resource have been much more affordable than his old methods sending out postcards and using more traditional media.

So the next time you groan when your phone dings, beeps or buzzes, remember that you have more power in your pocket than it took to put a man on the moon. Using Cole Realty Resource to get real cell phones and email addresses to reach people on social media might just launch your next successful campaign.

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Between Babies and Breakfast Photos: How to Use Social Networking to Sell Homes