Create A Campaign Monitor Signup Form In WP Using Formidable Forms

This is a guest post from Steph Wells at Formidable Forms.

If you own a website, you need an email list. Whether you have a
small business website or you’re running a blog, an email list
will allow you to generate new leads, increase engagement, and even
boost sales.

In fact, according to statistics, when it comes to purchases
made as a result of receiving a marketing message, (66%), when
compared to social, direct mail, and more.

But how do you get people to sign up for your email list?

In this post, we’ll share with you how you can capture emails
through your very own website using Formidable Forms and Campaign

How to grow your email list with Formidable Forms

One of the easiest ways to grow your email list is by adding a
signup form to your website. A signup form placed in a high-traffic
area of your website will let all of your website visitors know
that you have an email list they can join.

Users can sign up for your email list by simply providing their
name, email address, and other necessary information.

With Formidable
, creating a signup form for your email list is easy with
the drag-and-drop builder; there’s no need to have any previous
knowledge, and you don’t have to touch a line of code.

Just drag the form field you want over to the form, rearrange
them, and create custom labels in order to build a form that fits
your exact needs.

Create A Campaign Monitor Signup Form In WP Using Formidable Forms


You can create signup forms, contact forms, payment forms,
calculators, and more.

Aside from being able to create beautiful forms in an instant,
Formidable Forms also allows you to easily manage your form entries
by performing tasks such as:

  • Send unlimited email notifications
  • Access all entries from the dashboard
  • Approve or reject entries
  • Export and import entries
  • And much more

You can also track and analyze the data you receive from form
entries so that you can see what part of your strategy is working
best and what needs to be improved.

Aside from ease of use and features, when choosing a form
builder tool, it’s important to choose one that works with your
favorite email marketing service. Luckily, Formidable Forms
integrates seamlessly with Campaign Monitor.

How to get more email signups

When trying to grow your email list, you can’t expect people
to give up their email address for no reason. Instead, you need to
show them the benefits of signing up for your email list.

So, to get more signup form entries, consider the following

1. Provide valuable content.

First and foremost, you need to provide users with engaging,
helpful content. When you create blog posts that solve the needs of
your target audience, you become an expert in your industry.

Your readers will turn to you any time they need advice. In
fact, blogs have been rated as the fifth most
trusted source
for accurate online information.

Once consumers build that trust with you and your company,
they’ll be more likely to become email subscribers.

But they can read your blog posts without becoming a subscriber,
so you need to offer something extra.

For instance, you could offer email subscribers the ability to
get your newest blog posts delivered straight to their inbox or
provide a weekly newsletter with the latest updates.

2. Offer a discount.

If you have an ecommerce website, a good way to encourage site
visitors to become subscribers is by offering a discount.

Offering a small discount, such as 10% off their first order,
will encourage online shoppers to sign up for your email list.

According to Statista,
53.8% of internet users
ranging between the ages of 18 to 29
years stated that discounts and coupons were a very important
feature in the overall digital purchasing decision.

With this tactic, you can gain a new subscriber and convert them
into a customer simultaneously.

See how millennials and Gen Z compare in our new

3. Provide a content upgrade.

People love getting free gifts; many users would happily provide
their email address in exchange for something special from you. So
consider offering a content upgrade to encourage your website
visitors to become subscribers.

A content upgrade is basically a freebie that relates to a
particular post, page, or topic of your website. A content upgrade
can be an eBook, a PDF guide, templates, checklist, calendar, and
so on.

For instance, in the lead generation popup example below, the
content upgrade is an eBook that teaches subscribers how to grow
their traffic.

This is a lead generation example, perfect when you are thinking of ways to create a campaign monitor signup form.


Just be sure to create a content upgrade that’s relevant to
your niche and one that your subscribers will be interested in.

A good tip is to look at your most popular blog post and create
a content upgrade related to it. That way, you know it’ll be
something that catches the attention of your audience.

Learn about three lead generation tactics here.

Now that you know some tips to help you grow your email list,
let’s get started with how to create a Campaign Monitor signup
form in WordPress using Formidable Forms.

Step 1: Install and activate Formidable Forms.

First, install the Formidable Forms WordPress form builder
plugin on your WordPress site.

After signing up with Formidable Forms, head to your Account
page and download Formidable Forms. Then, go to Plugins
>> Add New
in your WordPress Admin.

Click Upload Plugin and upload the Formidable
Forms zip file that you downloaded and then click Install

Step 2: Install the Campaign Monitor plugin for Formidable Forms.

When Formidable Forms has been installed, activated, and all set
up, you can then install the Formidable Campaign
Monitor WordPress plugin

To do this, go to Formidable in your WordPress dashboard and
click on Add-Ons. Then, find the Campaign Monitor
WordPress plugin and click Install.

Step 3: Set up the Campaign Monitor integration with API key.

Next, you need to set up the Campaign Monitor integration with
your API key. Once the Campaign Monitor add-on is installed, go to
Formidable Forms >> Global Settings >> Campaign

Here, you’ll see a field to add your API Key. To find your API
key, go to your Campaign Monitor account. After you log in, click
on your profile image in the corner and click on it. A dropdown
menu will appear, click on Account Settings >> API

Click on the link Show API key. If you haven’t generated an
API key yet, you’ll have to click on the Generate API
button first.

Copy the API key as well as your Client ID, and head back to
Formidable. Paste your API key and Client ID into the relevant
fields in order to connect Formidable Forms and your Campaign
Monitor account.

How to create a Campaign Monitor signup form directly in the site.

Now that Formidable Forms and Campaign Monitor are linked
together, it’s time to create a Campaign Monitor signup form.

Step 4: Create a Campaign Monitor signup form.

Click on Create a New Form to start building
your signup form. Alternatively, if you’ve already created a form
you want to use with Campaign Monitor, you can simply open an
existing signup form.

In the form Settings, head to Actions
& Notifications
. Click on the form action for Campaign

Here, you can give the action an Action Name
for easy reference—for instance, “Campaign Monitor” (this is
only visible on the backend). Next, you’ll also need to select
the Campaign Monitor list you want to use.

Campaign Monitor form example

The fields in your Campaign Monitor signup form will need to
relate with those in your Campaign Monitor list.

For instance, the Campaign Monitor Email Address field should be
mapped with your Formidable Forms Email field and the Campaign
Monitor Name should match with the Formidable Form Name field.

Any custom fields you previously created in Campaign Monitor
will also show here.

After you’ve configured the settings properly, save the

Step 5: Start collecting email addresses.

Insert the form into a post or a page on your website by copying
and pasting the shortcode. Formidable Forms is also optimized for
WordPress Gutenberg, so you can also insert the Formidable Forms
block to the editor to embed the form.

Finally, it’s time to start collecting email addresses. Each
time a user submits the form, a new subscriber will be created in
your Campaign Monitor account, including their name and email

Everything is done automatically, which makes managing your
email list much easier.

Wrap up

With Campaign Monitor and Formidable Forms together,
growing your email list,
managing contacts, and creating a
solid email marketing strategy will be simple, even for complete

There’s no need to manually add new subscribers to Campaign
Monitor; Formidable Forms will do it automatically for you. Plus,
you’ll be able to grow your list more quickly by adding a signup
form to your website.

When you can automate the process of collecting emails like this
by combining Campaign Monitor and Formidable Forms, you can spend
more time working on turning leads into customers.

In fact,
80% of marketers use automation software
to generate more
leads, and 77% of them are able to convert more of those leads.
It’s time for you to join them.

Steph Wells is the founder of Formidable Forms, a
drag-and-drop form builder for WordPress that empowers freelancers
to create form-based solutions.

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Create A Campaign Monitor Signup Form In WP Using Formidable Forms