Free HTML Welcome Email Templates That Are Proven to Convert

Free HTML Welcome Email Templates

AWeber has over 700 free professionally-designed HTML email
templates to help you save time and focus on growing your business.
But when it comes to designing emails your subscribers love, your
welcome email is one of the most critical messages to help you make
a great first impression. .�

A welcome email is the first step to building a lasting
relationship with your audience. It’s a great chance to introduce
yourself and gives you an opportunity to build a relationship with
your subscribers right away.

Welcome emails can also have a huge impact on your business —
in fact, they can
generate 320% more revenue per email
, 4 times higher the open
rates than other emails, and 5 times higher click-through rates
than promotional emails. 

Welcome emails see 3x open, click, and revenue compared to promotional emailsSource:

When done correctly, well-crafted welcome emails engage your
subscribers and make them eager to come back for more. 

Welcome emails have a few other essential jobs, too: 

  • Welcomes your new subscribers and thanks them for signing
  • Tells people what kind of content they can expect from you and
    how often
  • Delivers your incentive, if you offered one
  • Includes content about your business that helps your audience
    get to know you better 
  • Tells your customers how to contact you 

The best time to send marketing welcome emails

The truth is: your subscribers will never be more engaged with
you than in the moments after they signed up for your list. So
capitalize on their interest by sending them a welcome email
campaign as soon as they subscribe to your newsletter, download a
piece of content, or purchase a product. 

You can even tailor an email marketing welcome series based on
how they signed up. With AWeber, you can set up an autoresponder to
be triggered as soon as someone enters their email address into
your sign up form or landing page.

Why you should use a free welcome html email template from AWeber
Reason #1: You want to save time.

Ready to stop working in your business and start working on your
business? AWeber’s professionally designed templates and
automation tools will save you time, freeing you up to invest in
other essential areas of your business. Do more of what you love
and leave the email marketing up to AWeber. 

Reason #2: You want to save money.

AWeber eliminates the need to pay someone to design emails for
you. AWeber’s template library is packed with over 700
professionally designed free html email campaign templates proven
to help you engage with your audience. 

Reason #3: You want to know your audience better. 

Instantly know if your audience responds to the email when you
track how they engage with your emails. AWeber’s analytics or our
free mobile app lets you see how your emails are performing by
analyzing opens, clicks, and engagement reports.

Reason #4: You have limited coding skills.

You’re a busy entrepreneur. Coding may or may not be your
thing, but with AWeber, it doesn’t have to be your thing. If
you’d rather leave the coding skills to the professionals, use
one of our designed templates and customize with your branding.
With our drag and drop features, you can create your own HTML email

Free html email template examples

Every welcome email template should be written with a goal in
mind.  Thankfully, we have tons of HTML templates for you to use no
matter what job you want to accomplish. 

Thank you html email template

Show your appreciation after a purchase with a thank you email
and a coupon to help drive additional sales. Who doesn’t love a
thank you email with a discount on your next purchase? AWeber has a
variety of templates with different coupon options that you can

Welcome email with product discountThank you welcome template with a discount coupon

Want to sell products or
drive people to your store
? AWeber has welcome templates —
designed to highlight individual products. There are various
layouts, and you can easily add or change elements in AWeber’s

drag-and-drop email editor

Easily showcase your online or retail store with the templates
in AWeber’s template gallery. 

Welcome template to highlight productsEvent sign up thank
you and reminder email templates

Welcome emails for an event sign up can serve multiple purposes.
Send registrants information about their event, and get them
excited about additional events. You can easily customize your
welcome email to include tips on the type of content you may want
to include, like other events, webinars, or information or links
that may help your attendees.

Welcome template for eventsIndividual blog content or blog

When your subscribers sign up for your blog content, AWeber has
some great content templates you can use to send either individual
blog content or a blog digest. A blog digest is an email that links
to a series of individual blogs.

Welcome template for bloggersWelcome templates for popular
blogger categories 

AWeber’s template gallery includes popular blogging categories
— including DIY, Travel, Parenting, Food, Fitness, Fashion,
Finance, and Music. You can use the stock image in each template,
upload a different picture from AWeber’s image gallery, or upload
your own images.

Welcome template with different options for bloggersWelcome templates for bloggersWelcome templates to request
feedback about a purchase or download

Welcome emails can be a perfect opportunity to learn more about
your audience. Right after a purchase or download, ask for feedback
to get them engaged with your business. Ask them what they thought
of your product and send them links to other relevant

Welcome template that asks for feedback. Simple thank you

Welcome emails don’t have to be complicated. A simple thank
you note lets your new subscriber know how much you value and
appreciate their business. 

AWeber’s email templates include content tips. For example, 
if you are not using headlines and images, it’s best to break up
your content into short paragraphs to make it easier for your
audience to scan your email. 

Thank you welcome email templateLeverage your social media

When you welcome a new subscriber and introduce them to your
brand, AWeber has several email templates purposely designed to
help you introduce your audience to social media followers.

Welcome email that highlights social mediaSelect Welcome
emails based on vertical

AWeber offers several design options based on your vertical. The
design options in the Real Estate template were inspired by some of
the leading businesses in the real estate industry. Each template
is a little different but creates a great
foundation to help real estate agents promote homes
on the

Welcome template for real estate agentsWelcome template for real estate agentsA special
announcement or limited time offer

In your welcome email, you can keep your audience informed about
a special offer. The following email gets right to the point about
a special announcement and includes a call-to-action to drive your
audience to the desired action.  

Welcome template to announce a special event.The essential
elements of a welcome email

There are nine essential elements that you should consider
including to help you create a welcome email that converts. 

Welcome email anatomy

A. Subject line – The first text people see
when an email reaches their inbox. Keeps the subject line
informative, catchy, and brief.

B. Pre-header – Gives the reader a second
reason to open an email. It should support and connect to the
subject line.

C. Personalization – Add a personal touch to 
the subject line, greeting, or in the body of the email copy and
connect with your audience.

D. Color and logo – Achieve brand consistency
when you brand your emails with your logo and primary brand

E.  Image or video – Help your new subscriber
get to know you and your products with rich media that includes
video, images, and GIFs.

F. Headline –  A statement to grab your
subscriber’s attention and encourage them to keep reading your

G. Body copy – Explains the benefits of
subscribing, what to expect, and information for the reader to get
to know you and your product. 

H. Call to action – The one action that you
want your audience to take as a result of reading your email. 

I. Social media – Add your social media
accounts to drive your email audience to connect with your  social
media content.

A welcome series can have even more impact than a single welcome

AWeber has pre-written, automated email campaigns that will help
you save time and market your business — even while you

Use our automated welcome email series to welcome new
subscribers to your list and build a relationship with them. It is
a three message series introducing new subscribers to your brand
and the best content you have to offer.

Simply import the campaign, personalize the content to your
business, and hit activate.  The video below takes you step by step
through the process.

Best free email marketing solution

Our mission is simple: to deliver powerfully-simple email
marketing tools to help small business owners and entrepreneurs —
like you — grow your business.

AWeber Free is our completely free email marketing and landing
pages plan — perfect for those who are just getting started or
kicking off a passion project. We’ll give you everything you need
to start building your audience today.

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