Fresh April Content Ideas for Your Social Channels

Growing your social audience is heavily dependent upon the content you are sharing. To make an impact and grow your sphere, you must create unique content; however, coming up with content ideas can be challenging! Instead of spending hours trying to come up with new topics for your social channels and blog, we’ve compiled a list of April “happenings” for you to get started!

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April Happenings
Some of the many April happenings include Autism Awareness Month, Lawn and Garden Month, Animal Cruelty Prevention Month, and Cancer Control Month. Here are some other things happening in April and ideas on how to create content around them.

April Fool’s Day – April 1

  • The strangest thing you’ve seen in real estate
  • Weirdest thing to prevent/stall a closing
  • DIY tutorial for something silly

Easter – April 1

  • Easter craft idea
  • Host or list area egg hunts
  • Ask followers to share their best and worst painted eggs

Friday the 13th – April 13

  • Poll on what your followers are most afraid of
  • Ask your followers what objects they use for luck
  • Share your Friday the 13th story; ask followers to do the same

Taxes Due – April 17

  • List of free tax resources
  • Print out free copies of Form 1040
  • Basic reminder to do taxes

General Topics
Celebrating holidays all day every day gets old fast. Be sure to mix in plenty of general topics of interest to keep your content well-rounded.

  • Paver patios vs. concrete patios
  • Scenic areas to soak up some sun
  • Locally-owned plant nurseries
  • Any TV shows or movies filmed or take place in your town?
  • Does your library/community center offer any classes?
  • List or review area dog parks

Real Estate
You are a real estate professional; it’s only natural that you should discuss real estate-related topics on your social channels and blog. Here are some topics that may appeal to your audience this April.

  • What you like about being a real estate agent
  • Choosing the right furniture for your space
  • What sellers can do to sell their home faster
  • What makes a senior-friendly home
  • Permits/licenses needed before you add a storage shed
  • How to tell if you’re ready to buy a home
  • Popularity of different property types in your area last month
  • Boosting your curb appeal

We hope you find some of these topic ideas helpful! If you need help building your online presence, check out Social Fuel, a service designed to help you get more leads, likes, and a stronger online presence to help you connect with buyers and sellers.

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Fresh April Content Ideas for Your Social Channels