How Small and Medium Businesses Deal with Work-Life Balance

There’s one thing missing from the many studies on work-life
balance. It’s the story of small- and midsized business owners,
who make up most of the GetResponse customers. So we set out to
discover how entrepreneurs and marketers work, their needs and
habits when balancing business and life, and how we can help them
save more time to do more of what they love.

GetResponse conducted a global survey in July 2018. The response
went beyond our expectations – 4,237 small
business owners and marketers decided to share their valuable voice
with us. They told us about their challenges and tough choices,
their goals and personal pursuits.

We proudly present the results of this immense research in the
SMB Work-life Balance 2018 Report, created to honor the hardships
and rewards of small businesses.

Key findings

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs work harder to grow the
business with limited resources to start. According to our study,
over 25% of SMB marketers work more than 40 hours a week and an
outstanding 91% work weekends. They tend to answer business calls
and emails in their free time (69%) and some of them haven’t
taken a vacation for over 4 years (16%). How can we talk about
work-life balance, then? Apparently, it’s the reason why 32% of
SMB entrepreneurs decide to start their own business in the first
place. They can spend more time having fun with friends and family
(43%) or have more control over their career (19%).

61% of SMB owners told us they would never go back to a 9-5 job.
That proves having your own business can be tough, indeed, but
it’s rewarding.

We can’t say that business owners can always fully achieve the
perfect work-life balance. But we can say that they’ve entered
the era of work-life integration. Thanks to technology they can be
working between dropping kids at school and going to the gym,
having business meetings on Saturdays or working on vacation.
Countless hours in the office simply don’t matter when you do
what you love.

Living proof

To test these theories, we met six American entrepreneurs, who
run small businesses in Massachusetts, in person. We asked Harold,
Shel, Katie, Kim, Paul, and Joanne how they combine their private
and professional goals, what challenges they currently have, and
what motivates them to keep going.

The result?

Hours of inspiring video materials for small and medium-sized
businesses (and yes, we made them available here!)

work life balance videos

From marketing agency owners, through photographers, interior
designers, and vintage car dealers – we learned what really
defines success for small businesses and how GetResponse can help
achieve it. The bottom line is – when done right, running your
own business becomes a passion, and passion doesn’t have time

Download our report, keep us inspired and share your story with
#getbalance #worklifebalance

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How Small and Medium Businesses Deal with Work-Life Balance

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How Small and Medium Businesses Deal with Work-Life Balance