Introducing Pre-Built Engagement Segments in Campaign Monitor

No matter which industry you work in or how large your
subscriber list is, there’s one common question among all email
marketers: how do I effectively measure subscriber engagement? Of
course, the most engaged subscribers are the most loyal to your
brand and they’re often easier to identify by how often they open
and click. But what about subscribers who are showing a diminishing
interaction with your emails?

Unengaged and dormant subscribers can cost you more money and
dilute the success of your email programs. Our challenge was to
build a tool to make it easy for marketers to identify the most
valuable segments of their subscribers, help them create a solid
strategy around re-engagement, and as a result, deliver more
effective content that reinvigorates interest in your brand and
improves your overall email ROI.

Get the most out of your subscribers with pre-built engagement

Today, we’re excited to announce a set of brand new engagement
tools in your Campaign Monitor account to help you identify and
re-engage those subscribers that may have fallen off the radar.

subscriber list

Using our new engagement segments, you have
access to 6 pre-built segments which are based on your
subscribers’ level of engagement with your emails. Now, you’ve
got a scalable and reliable way to calculate engagement, and more
importantly, automatically trigger relevant and timely content
right to your subscribers.

How engagement segments work

We’ve built a brand new system to help you identify your
subscribers based on their levels of engagement, from active to
completely inactive.

Our new engagement segments calculate six levels of engagement
and organize these levels automatically into their own pre-built
segments right within your account. For customers on the Premier
plan, you’ll see the six new segments in your lists based on open
and click frequency. These segments include:

 Active  Last opened or clicked in past 30 days.
 Engaged  Last opened or clicked between 30 and 90 days ago.
 Unengaged  Last opened or clicked between 90 and 180 days ago.
 Dormant  Last opened or clicked between 180 days and 12   months
 Zombies  Last opened or clicked more than 12 months ago.
 Ghosts  Never opened or clicked any email, 12 months or more since
the first email was sent.

All of the engagement segments’ details and criteria are
predefined, and you can use them just like other segments including
to automatically trigger content and emails.

The Active segment updates in real time, while the other
segments refresh every 24 hours. Engagement segments do not
calculate subscribers who have recently signed up, but have yet to

Easily identify your most engaged subscribers

The subscribers marked Active are your most loyal subscribers
— they consistently open, click, and engage with your brand.
Consider them your VIPs. With the new engagement segments, it’s
never been easier to identify this critical group of your most
active subscribers and thank them for being such valuable
customers! Think a rewards program, a thank you note for repeat
purchases, special incentives in exchange for their loyalty, etc.
You can even offer a shout on social media or enter them into a
giveaway when they reach a certain loyalty status.

Manage and keep a healthy list

According to Marketing Sherpa, you’ll see about
22.5% of your list
become disengaged every year. This can be
extremely frustrating when you’ve worked so hard to grow your
subscriber list, but the good news is these relationships aren’t
always gone—they could just be on a break.

Engagement segments make it incredibly clear who haven’t been
engaging with your emails in a while. Using engagement segments,
you can easily see who’s at risk, pause sending (or decrease the
frequency of sends to them), and then decide whether or not a
re-engagement approach is the best next step.

Win them back using new re-engagement templates

Now that you can see all of these levels of engagement among
your subscribers, what’s next? We’ve added 3 new email
templates for you to use in conjunction with these engagement
segments to make the most out of your subscriber list. Whether
it’s offering a win-back discount, reminding customers what they
love about you, or just an honest, “we miss you,” we’ve got
you covered. These re-engagement templates are available to all
customers now in the email builder.

Re-engagement templates

Wrap up

The new engagement segments are available for Campaign Monitor
customers on the Premier plan and the re-engagement templates are
available for all customers. If you’d like to upgrade to Premier,
click the Billing button found in the Settings dropdown in the
top-right of your account.

Here at Campaign Monitor, we’re dedicated to building smart
solutions to help you drive engagement and loyalty through email
marketing. If you’ve got any questions, please don’t hesitate
to reach out to our
support team

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Introducing Pre-Built Engagement Segments in Campaign Monitor

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Introducing Pre-Built Engagement Segments in Campaign Monitor