iOS and Android push notifications are here!

iOS and Android push notifications have been in beta for the
last few months, and we’ve been delighted with the feedback. So,
today we’re excited to make push notifications available to

Mobile push notifications let you reach out to customers with
important messages that need to be actioned quickly. This
additional messaging channel, along with our recent release of
provides you with the tools and flexibility to further improve your
customer experience.

How mobile push notifications work in Vero

Mobile push notifications can be sent as a newsletter campaign
or added as an action step within an automated workflow.

Here’s a quick overview of how push notifications work in Vero
and all the details you need to get started.

Integrating Vero with your push delivery provider

Vero sends push notifications to your contacts by integrating
with push delivery providers. Vero supports both Amazon SNS and Twilio Notify.

You can add one or both delivery providers to your Vero account
to handle push, and choose which provider to use on a
campaign-by-campaign basis.

Creating iOS and Android push notifications

We’ve built a dedicated UI for creating push notifications in
Vero. You’ll find both a basic editor for the main push
notification features and an advanced editor for those who wish to
edit the full JSON payloads.

Push notifications editor

The basic and advanced editors work seamlessly across both iOS
and Android platforms, making it easy for you to edit and preview
your messages.

Push notification message preview

You also have the option to limit the campaign sent to either
Android or iOS or both, as desired.

Personalizing mobile push notifications

Similar to emails in Vero, you can add Liquid to JSON payloads
to display dynamic content in your push notifications. If you’re
new to Liquid, check out our guide to personalizing
email and push notifications

You can also add images to your push notifications via JSON

Measuring customer engagement

By incorporating
a few lines of code
in your application as part of configuring
iOS/ Android push message handling, you can track and monitor the
performance of your push notifications directly in Vero.

Customer engagement metrics for push notifications can then be
viewed on the action step in your workflow. This view allows you to
easily monitor the ongoing performance of your push notifications,
alongside the overall workflow performance.

Like email, performance metrics for one-off push notification
campaigns can be viewed on the Campaigns >

The Reports section of your Vero account provides a more
in-depth look at the customer engagement of both your newsletter
campaigns and workflows.

Ready to send push notifications?

Mobile push notifications are available as part of our new unlimited messaging plan.
If you’re not yet on our new plan and you’d like access to push
notifications, get in touch with, and we can
upgrade your account today.

Once you have access, push notifications will appear as an
option in both Newsletter campaigns and Workflows. You can then set
up your integration with your push notification delivery

To get started, read our step-by-step guides:

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iOS and Android push notifications are here!
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iOS and Android push notifications are here!