Landing Page Examples You Can Try in 2020

Landing pages are an important part of your digital marketing
strategy. While they aren’t quite the same as your website’s
web pages, they’re still extremely important.

Especially when you’re trying to utilize them in your email
marketing strategy as well.

While there are plenty of stunning landing page examples in
2020, you first need to understand exactly what a landing page is,
how it works, and why you need to incorporate these pages into your
strategy before beginning the design process.

Defining a landing page: what makes it different from a web page?

A landing
is defined as a type of web page. This particular type of
web page brings your audience members to your website through
specific sales or marketing strategies.

While a typical web page often includes various links connecting
to other pages on the site, a landing page is considered a
standalone page with a very specific focus.

For example, here’s our own live demo landing page:

 Live Demo Landing Page by Campaign Monitor

Source: Campaign

This page has a particular focus: signing new clients up for a
live demo of Campaign Monitor and all the services we have to
offer. What makes it different from our other pages is the fact
that there’s one CTA. There are no other links about the campaign
monitor features and it stands on its own.

Now, for the sake of defining the differences, here’s one of
our Campaign Monitor web pages:

 Campaign Monitor Web Page

Campaign Monitor

What makes this web page significantly different from our
landing page is that we’re presenting several different pieces of
information to the reader instead of focusing on a single specific
call to action. While the end of the page does include a “get
started” CTA, there are several others to watch various demos or
to learn more about different aspects of our product.

While these are two very different pieces of a much larger
digital marketing puzzle, they’re both essential to your
strategy. That’s why learning from landing page examples in 2020
is going to be crucial, especially if you’re planning on reaching
new heights with your strategy.

How do email marketing and landing pages work together?

If landing pages play such a vital role in your digital
marketing strategy, why would you want to make email marketing and
landing pages work together? Two reasons:

  • Email marketing gets your audience to act:
    Email marketing averaged a conversion
    of 1.32% in 2019 and a
    click-through rate
    of 2.6%, while landing pages average a

    conversion rate
    of 2.35%—a powerful combination.
  • Email marketing has the highest return on investment
    over any other digital marketing channel:
    The average ROI
    for email marketing is
    $38 for every $1 spent
    , while typical content marketing average
    is hard to determine, since there are such a variety of different
    factors that can be included.

Comparison of marketing channel investment and return ranked by small businesses

Campaign Monitor

When it comes to driving sales, one of the best methods for
getting eyes on your landing page is through email marketing.
Later, we’ll show you several landing page examples that do a
wonderful job of making those conversions. For now, let’s look at
this example from MacPaw:

 Example of email marketing and a landing page working together

Source: Really
Good Emails

The email example on the left was a part of MacPaw’s holiday
sales email campaign. In the email, they make it clear that
they’re offering up some great deals on a particular
service—their CleanMyMac X. Since their primary CTA is placed not
only in the text at the email, but again emphasized as a pull-out
CTA with a 30% off text to draw reader’s attention, they know
what the purpose of this message is. While there’s a secondary
CTA below, chances are, MacPaw’s readers have already clicked on
that “get at 30% off” CTA. This will then take them directly to
a designated landing page intended for one purpose—to sell the
CleanMyMac X license. That’s how you incorporate a landing page
into your email marketing strategy.

Landing page examples 2020: best practices and examples worth

Now, like anything else in your digital marketing strategy,
there are several things to consider before diving in. Before we
look into landing page examples for 2020, it’s critical to touch
on the fact that several landing page best practices need to be
considered before linking to them in your email marketing

Landing page best practices you need to know

Before you can even begin to add your landing pages to your
digital marketing channels, email included, you have to design
top-quality landing pages worth sharing with your audience members.
To do that, consider each of these landing page best practices:

Always put your audience first. You can’t
necessarily design your landing pages for you. Although you can
make them pretty and brand them to match the rest of your website
(as you should), you should be designing your landing pages for
skimmers (a.k.a. those looking to get straight to the point), those
who have to view your landing page on a mobile device (a.k.a. small
screen users), and so much more. Use your analytics to see what’s
been working for your pages in the past and optimize them

Your goals matter too. Remember, we mentioned
that your design should be appealing and matter to you. However,
you also have to consider your other goals as well. Keep in mind
that this is a piece of marketing material, so you must make sure
that each landing page is keeping your marketing goals in mind.

The benefits to your readers should take
Again, these pages should be designed with them
in mind. What are you helping them with? How are you helping them
simplify their life/work? Now, don’t focus too much on features,
but how your specific product/service will address their particular

Don’t be generic. This isn’t a webpage
designed to summarize. You want to get as specific as you can, so
that your readers know what you’re talking about and why they
should even care.

A/B test not once, but multiple times. Once you
think your page is ready, start A/B split testing it. This is the
only viable way to find out what your readers like and respond well
to. Once you’ve tested it out, test it again to be sure.
There’s no such thing as testing too much.

3 landing page examples that convert

Now that you know what goes into creating an optimized landing
page that you’ll want to include in your email marketing and
other digital marketing strategies, it’s time to look at some
excellent landing page examples for 2020.

1. Free webinar signup – Bynder-Forrester

First of all, anything free is going to catch the attention of
the public, and, when you have the content to share, having a
designated landing page for it is an absolute must. In this case,
Bynder-Forrest created a designated landing page to help draw the
attention of both new and existing clientele.

Free on-demand webinar signup landing page


What we absolutely love about this landing page is not only
it’s simplicity, but the fact that it bullets out each of the
benefits of the free webinar that’s being presented.

They also go ahead and give the details right to the reader,
from the date/time details to an author bio, so that readers know
who they can expect to show up on their screen.

Finally, they only ask for relevant information form the reader,
which is excellent for those who are wary of sharing too much, and
their CTA is easily identifiable, thanks to the bright blue

2. Report download – eMarketer

Reports, roundups, and case studies all make for great sharable
content. Again, if you have the content worth sharing, you want to
create a dedicated landing page for it, just as eMarketer did for
their Personalization Trends roundup.

Report download landing page example


Right away, readers know what they’re getting (thanks to the
listed bulleted points), they get a quick sneak peek (thanks to the
included snapshot), and, again, the CTA is easily identifiable
(thanks to the bright blue coloring). We also like that they’re
taking the time to get to know their reader; however, having too
many questions on the signup form could scare off some new

3. New customer registration – Kabbage

Lead magnets are a must if you plan on attracting new clients to
your brand. In this new customer registration form Kabbage, users
are attracted to the offer immediately, thanks to the benefits that
are conveyed in the headline.

 new client sign-up landing page example

Source: Instapage

From there, the lead is presented with the simplicity of the
signup process and what happens next, once the signup is complete.
Even better, they use a very simplified form that doesn’t ask too
much of their lead.

Wrap up

When it comes to the best landing page examples for 2020, the
best are the ones that can easily be incorporated into a brand’s
email marketing strategy, as well as their digital marketing
strategy as a whole.

Now, to make these combinations work, you want to make sure your
landing pages are optimized and ready to go. To do this, make sure
you remember each of these
landing page best practices:

  • Always put your audience first
  • Consider your ultimate end-goals
  • Your focus should be on the benefit of your audience
  • Get as specific as you can
  • Test, test, and then test again

Want to learn more about landing pages and how they play
a vital role in email marketing? Check out our
definitive guide to landing pages

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