Newsletters You Should Know: Celebrating Concrete Playground

A good newsletter is hard to beat when it comes to driving
traffic to your website, building cult loyalty with your audience,
and driving revenue. The most important part of building a
successful newsletter that manages to accomplish all that? People
want quality content they can count on.

With a well-written newsletter, marketers can engage subscribers
and organically grow their lists.

In our quest to shed light on some of our favorite newsletters,
we’ll be sharing a different recommendation every month.

Today in the series, we’ll be talking about Concrete

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Answer the age old question: "what the hell should we do tonight?" Take your pick of exhibitions, pop-up bars, and free stuff and lock in plans with your mates.

Introducing Concrete Playground:

Concrete Playground
is an Oceania-based newsletter released every other day. This
write-up is a valuable source for city news and to-dos. And since
we have a Campaign Monitor office based in Sydney, we naturally
signed up to receive Sydney happenings.

Each installment of the newsletter provides an extensive supply
of fun, new ways to spend your weeknights and weekends. Whether
it’s a new restaurant, upcoming concerts, or fundraising events,
CP subscribers will never run out of places to explore or
activities to try.

The newsletter typically opens with two features. Here you can
usually find valuable lists, like the top events happening in
Sydney this weekend, or the best ramen restaurants in the city.

Below the features, you have an extensive list of recent news
and what’s upcoming on the calendar.

Concrete Playground seeks to answer the question: What should we
do tonight? In a massive city like Sydney, it can be difficult to
pinpoint activities near you that you actually want to do. This
newsletter does it for you.

example from email "the best things to do in Sydney this weekend"

How it started:

The CP newsletter is an extension of the Concrete Playground
brand, which, after being founded in 2009, has attracted fans from
both Australia and New Zealand.

With event news for Sydney, Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne, and
Wellington, Concrete Playground ensures numerous people can feel
excited about what’s going on in their region.

Having carefully selected editors and contributors, Concrete
Playground focuses on truly quality experiences, as well as honest
reviews and culturally relevant news.

Who it targets:

While the Concrete Playground site services Australians and New
Zealanders alike, the site primarily focuses on east-coast

The Concrete Playground newsletter caters to urbanites looking
to get out, explore, and try new activities in their area. While
city residents will most likely get the most from this newsletter,
it can also be great for those in surrounding areas or anyone
planning a vacation.

The hip style of this newsletter certainly appeals to a youthful
audience, but Concrete Playground can be for any age, as long as
you enjoy experiences in an urban atmosphere.

What you can learn from it:

Concrete Playground has a wide variety of lessons to teach, both
for readers and email marketers.

As a reader

Many of us are so busy reading global news or industry
highlights, we often forget to catch up on what’s happening near
us. Concrete Playground attempts to bridge that gap by bringing the
information to your inbox. Readers have agency over their time, and
CP recognizes that.

These instant updates allow city-dwellers to do more than plan
fun nights or try new restaurants. People can feel pride about
where they live and always be up-to-date, empowering them to be
experts on their city.

As a marketer

From a marketing perspective, Concrete Playground reminds us of
the importance of a localized experience. Marketing tends to have a
global push, but by having a centralized focus with a loyal group
of subscribers, you can achieve success with interested

Even if your company is global, you can easily localize your
efforts with a little research and email segmentation. By
segmenting your list into sections based on country, city, or
region, you can write emails specifically for certain audiences and
increase readership. Just make sure your copy is translated
correctly and your content is localized, too.

Wrap up

Concrete Playground provides region-specific to-dos for
subscribers looking to soak up their city’s unique opportunities.
So, if you’re looking for city-specific news about
, (or Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne, or
Wellington), it
might be time to visit Concrete Playground.

Are you thinking about building a newsletter? Already have one?
If so, consider how you can incorporate the tactics used by
Concrete Playground into your own work.

Want to see your favorite newsletter listed here? Tell us in the
comments below. Or start your own newsletter by signing up with
Campaign Monitor today.

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Newsletters You Should Know: Celebrating Concrete Playground

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Newsletters You Should Know: Celebrating Concrete Playground