Public Relations and Email Marketing: How They Coexist

Public relations and email marketing may not seem inherently

At least, not initially—because public relations and email
marketing deal with two different areas of your business

But they both affect how your brand is perceived. And remember,
public relations directly relates to building brand awareness.
Let’s break it down:

Public relations = Brand awareness

Email marketing = Marketing = Brand

This means public relations and email marketing not only
coexist, but, when done right, can help to reinforce one

Public relations and email marketing: defining each

Before you can start diving into the many ways that public
relations and email marketing coexist, it’s essential to know
what makes each unique.

Defining public relations

When people think of public relations, they often think of

press releases
, news teams, and journalists. While that’s not
wrong, that’s not all there is to public relations.

According to the Public Relations Society
of America, Inc.
, public relations is defined as the strategic
communication process. This process builds mutually beneficial
relationships between a brand and the public.

By public, we mean the brand’s target audience. While public
relations does involve sharing information with the media through
the use of press releases, PR also uses other mediums to
communicate with audiences.

Often, this includes the strategic building of relationships
with industry experts and
industry influencers.

Typical forms of communication used in public relations

  • Whitepapers
  • Reports
  • Email
  • Press releases
  • Articles
  • Public speaking engagements

Defining email marketing

 utilizes email to deliver a variety of marketing messages to a
list of email subscribers who’ve opted into receiving messages
from the brand.

The goal of this practice is to send the right content, to the
right audience members, all at the right time to build and spread
brand awareness and customer relationships.

This marketing tactic involves the creation of multiple that are
deployed across a predetermined period of time. Each campaign
serves a specific purpose: to drive action.

These actions can vary and will be determined by the type of
campaign you’re running and what CTA you’re utilizing. Common
email marketing campaigns include:

  • Promotional campaigns
  • Seasonal campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Welcome email series
  • Post-purchase drip campaigns
  • “Thank you” campaigns
  • Survey/feedback campaigns
  • Milestone messages
  • Lead nurturing campaigns

Public relations and email marketing: how they coexist and
reinforce each other

After reviewing what makes up public relations and email
marketing in their individual respects, we can see where the two
strategies start to overlap.

The first area of overlap is the fact that both deal with
communicating with the public. While it may seem as if public
relations focus on the media, it’s worth pointing out that your
target audience members also rely on the media for information.

So, no matter which way you spin it, public relations and email
marketing are both ways of communicating with your audience

The next area of overlap is the fact that public relations and
email marketing both focus on delivering relevant information to
the public in a timely manner.

While public relations used to focus heavily on printed press
releases, virtually everything has gone digital. So now, while
there are still traditional press releases, they’re made
available online and are often shared with the public through

If there’s something worth sharing, chances are your favorite
brand’s going to share it through email. From product releases to
brand news, if you’ve taken the time to opt into their emailing
list, you’re going to hear about it.

A shared editorial calendar could benefit your public relations and
email marketing team.

Public relations and email marketing work best together when
they’re sharing the right content. Even better, much of the
content that’s shared via email marketing can be used in public
relations correspondents as well.

That’s why sharing ideas between one another is an absolute
must, and having a shared editorial calendar is a great way to
ensure that both teams have access to the same idea boards.

to build your own editorial calendar here.

Below is an example of a shared editorial calendar that’s used
by the brand Buffer. Utilizing a shared editorial calendar, like
this Trello board, is an easy way to put down all your content
ideas in one place.

From there, different departments can share what they’re
creating, where they’re sharing, and when.

Editorial Calendar Example

Source: Buffer

Once your content team has created content, your email marketing
team can take it and share it accordingly, as can your public
relations team.

Cross-posting can help you generate both news and new content.

Once the content is created and is made available on your
editorial calendar, your public relations and email marketing teams
can start pulling the content that’s most relevant to their
campaigns and current goals.

Although each department can send out content independently of
one another, when they work together, the benefits can be

For example, when a brand launches a new product, they can take
the time to announce it on their blog. That’s where the primary
content is created.

From there, the key points of the blog are taken and shared in
an email to the brand’s subscribers, so that they’re made aware
of the big updates.

Finally, the brand can take things a step further by creating a
press release that’s then sent out to various media sites,
helping to create even more buzz around the launch.

Remember, the right piece of content can help you generate both
news stories worth sharing, while the right news story may help you
generate new content leads.

3 examples of public relations and email marketing working side by

Now that you’ve had a moment to see how public relations and
email marketing can coexist, it’s time you look at a few examples
of public relations and email marketing working side by side.

Event announcements

Event announcements are an excellent way to combine your public
relations and email marketing efforts. Public relations specialists
focus heavily on sharing event news. If you’re looking to
generate signups for your event, email is the perfect way to do

In this example from Framer, they’re spreading awareness of
their latest marketing event to the public, but taking the time to
share it with their email subscribers through a special event

Framer event announcement email invitation

Really Good Emails

Instead of just announcing the event, they go a step further and
tell their email subscribers how they can reserve their spot and
get ahead of the crowds.

Thanks to the handy CTA included right in the email message,
readers simply have to click the button, and they’ll be taken to
a website landing page to finalize their reservation.

Community relations

While email marketing focuses heavily on making consumers aware
of certain content, public relations focuses heavily on building
relations with the audience.

In this example from Four Freedoms Park Conservancy, you get to
see public relations shine through, while utilizing email marketing
as their platform for sharing their information.

Four Freedoms Park Conservancy builds awareness and hosts events to benefit the community.

Really Good Emails

In this case, the content of the email focuses heavily on
bringing awareness to the local community. From event dates to
sharing the community’s blog, this email is a prime example of
public relations and email marketing working hand in hand.

Product launches

Finally, another excellent example of public relations and email
marketing working together is through a product launch. Sure, a
brand will write a press release to announce a new product or

However, they’re going to want to share that information with
their current clientele just as much as they would the general
public. An email announcement is an excellent way to do just

Project launch email

Really Good Emails

Wrap up

Public relations and email marketing are both vital pieces of
your business strategy. While they can do wonders on their own,
they should be utilized together to help you not only reach your
audience more easily, but help to build more in-depth relationships
and further your brand awareness.

A few ways you can combine public relations and email marketing
is through the use of these email campaign ideas:

  • Product launches
  • Event announcements
  • Community relations

If public relations and email marketing go so well
together, you may wonder what other areas of your business strategy
reinforce each other. We have a suggestion for you: content
marketing and email marketing efforts.
In this guide
, we walk you through each, as well as how they
work so well together.

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