Sizzling July Content Ideas for Your Social Channels

Summer is finally here, and there are many opportunities to take advantage of everything it has to offer—and in this case, we are talking about content! Nothing can make an impact and help grow your business like fresh, unique, local content; however, it can be hard to come up with new content ideas each month. We have compiled a list of July holidays. Check back each month for a list of ideas you can expand upon. Find July’s topics below to get started!

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July Holidays and Occasions
Some of the many month-long observances happening in July include Anti-Boredom Month, Hot Dog Month, Ice Cream Month and Picnic Month. Here are some other things happening this July and some content ideas you can create around them:

Independence Day – July 4

  • Backyard BBQ guide
  • Firework safety tips or local firework displays
  • Fun red, white and blue desserts

Workaholic Day – July 5

  • Lunch venues with quick service
  • Ask your followers what the best part of their job is
  • Signs you might be a workaholic list

Friday the 13th – July 13

  • Poll to find what omens your followers consider the most unlucky
  • Share a photo of your good luck item(s)
  • Highlight a black cat up for adoption at the local shelter
  • Is your home haunted?

International Friendship Day – July 30

  • Encourage your audience to reconnect with old friends
  • Picture of you and another agent at your firm
  • Host a social or get together

General Topics
Holiday content is great, but be sure to mix in plenty of general-interest topics to keep your content well-rounded and appealing to anyone in your audience who isn’t actively engaged in real estate at the moment.

  • Activities for local retirees
  • Smart home systems
  • How to install a doorbell
  • List of places offering birthday freebies
  • DIY mosquito treatment
  • Your thoughts on a summer blockbuster
  • Emergency preparedness checklist
  • Businesses with “lock-in” events for kids

Real Estate
Real estate topics shouldn’t be your entire content strategy, but they do play an important part in your blog and social networks. Some topics that may appeal to your audience include:

  • Common pre-close roadblocks
  • The affordability of buying over renting
  • Homebuyer checklist
  • Buying a house with an HOA pros and cons
  • Millennial housing stats
  • DIY summer staging tips

If you need more content topics, be sure to check our archives for previous suggestions. If you don’t have time to create new content and build your online presence, check out Social Fuel to find out how our social media experts can help you with your online presence.

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Sizzling July Content Ideas for Your Social Channels