The Checklist Every Email Marketer Needs This Holiday Season

There’s a simple way to launch a flawless email campaign this
holiday season: Check your list and check it twice. Your holiday
email marketing campaign checklist, that is! We researched what the
best holiday email campaigns have in common. Then, we created a
checklist you can follow to ensure you have a merry and successful
holiday season. 1. Create a holiday email calendar. Keeping track
of all the holidays (like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday,
Christmas, Hanukkah, the New Year) can quickly become overwhelming.
Creating an email editorial calendar can really help organize the
mayhem. A calendar can also help you
accommodate for the rest of your team’s time, which comes in
handy if they’re helping with tasks like design, writing, or
scheduling the message. (If you need a little help with planning
your editorial calendar,
check out this blog post
!) If you already have a calendar, make
sure it’s up to date with your holiday campaigns. You’ll be
sending a lot of emails this time of year, so planning everything
out in advance will help you meet your deadlines and create content
your subscribers will love. 2. Offer exclusive holiday
To keep up with the competition, you’ll want to
make sure you’re sending holiday emails with content your
subscribers want this time of year, like great deals on your
products. Don’t have a physical product to offer? This is the
perfect time to provide discounts on digital gifts like online
courses, ebooks, checklists, templates, and more.
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3. Write descriptive subject lines.
According to a report pulled by our team of data analysts
emails get higher open rates when their subjects lines align with
the content inside the email. You can apply this to your holiday
email campaigns by directly mentioning special offers and details
about those offers in your subject lines. If you plan on featuring
a 50% discount on an online course, make sure you mention the
course and the discount in your subject line. Check out this
holiday-themed subject line and email from home goods store West
Elm: “😀 UP TO 70% OFF—there’s still time! Plus, our
staff’s must-haves” They reference that there’s still time left
and the discount (percentage off). Related:
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4. Create a sense of urgency by referencing dates and times.
The more you can emphasize the urgency or importance of buying
now, the more you can influence subscribers to take action.
So how can you get your audience to feel this way? By referencing
dates, times, or seasons. In the report mentioned above, our data
analysts also found that subject lines with the highest open rates
mentioned time (e.g., Week 1, December newsletter). By emphasizing
that the holidays are quickly approaching or a specific sale is
ending, you can motivate your subscribers to take action. Clothing
company Banana Republic sent out an email promoting a Christmas
sale, which included the following subject line: “Today! 50% off
EVERYTHING (we mean EVERYTHING)” 5. Get festive with your
email design
To pump up the holiday energy in your message,
consider using a holiday email template or including design
elements that convey a festive vibe. Check out this merry message
from the clothing company Talbots: By bringing in holiday-themed
colors and images (Can’t get enough of those rainbow string
lights!), Talbots is able to add a festive flair that accompanies
the content. The best part of all? They do so in a way that
doesn’t feel like a complete departure from their brand – both
the header and footer in the email maintain the standard Talbots
look and feel. To replicate this for your own emails, consider
using color schemes (e.g., red, green, white, gray), templates, and
images (e.g., snow, holiday lights and decor) that convey a
seasonal spirit. Related:
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Start spreading holiday cheer While you may already have a
holiday email campaign in motion, it’s never too late to make
tweaks along the way. The more you can make your emails stand out
from the rest this time of year, the merrier the season will be for
you and your business. Ready to send your own holiday emails? Get a

30-day free trial of AWeber
and use one of our festive email
templates today. Additional reporting done by Liz Willits

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The Checklist Every Email Marketer Needs This Holiday Season