The Email Minute 02: Email is a Big Deal

To many people, email tends to be an afterthought. Companies
invest big dollars in lots of ad campaigns and paid media channels,
but give only a small amount of their budget to email

With huge revenue results and ROI coming from email marketing,
it’s time for the pendulum to switch sides in its favor. In this
episode of The Email Minute, Shane talks about why email is a big
deal, and why it should be given more focus.

Transcript: Email is a Big Deal

Too many marketers treat email like a paltry portion of their
digital channels, and often view it as an afterthought to their big
paid media campaigns.

But the fact is: Email is a big deal.

I’m Shane Phair, Senior VP of Marketing at Campaign Monitor
and this is The Email Minute.

See, when done right, email can scale that warm, fuzzy,
one-to-one feeling that you just can’t get from an ad or Facebook
post. And it’s that warm, fuzzy feeling that translates into more
impact for your message and more dollars for your revenue. When it
comes down to it, email delivers in the ROI department.

Year after year, email is reported to have more than double the
return on investment than any other digital channel. Now, I know
what you’re asking: if email’s such a performer, why are so
many marketers still getting subpar results?

Well, since email is so approachable—it’s inexpensive and
easy to build and send—it’s often an afterthought.

In fact, 39% of marketers say they never personalize their
emails. 63% of marketers say less than half their emails are
segmented. And 51% of marketers haven’t even started automating
their emails yet.

Does that ring any bells? Time to give email marketing more of
your focus. Your revenue depends on it.

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The Email Minute 02: Email is a Big Deal
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The Email Minute 02: Email is a Big Deal