The Email Minute 03: 9 Things to Start, Stop, & Keep Doing (Part 1)

In a world of marketing tips and tricks, where do you start?
Shane breaks down nine different email practices that you can
either start, stop, or keep doing today. The focus of this episode
points to what can stop doing today.

Transcript: 9 Things to Start, Stop, & Keep Doing (Part 1)

There are so many tips and tricks out there — and at the end
of the day, sometimes all you really need to know are the latest
practices that you should either weed out, keep doing, or add to
your strategy.

Hi, I’m Shane Phair, Senior VP of Marketing at Campaign
Monitor, and this is The Email Minute.

Let’s look at three email practices you need to stop right

First: stop overreacting when you get unsubscribes. Despite
what we’d like to believe, not everyone wants to hear what your
brand has to offer. And in that sense, it’s okay if they
unsubscribe. It’s actually better for your results, better for
your investment, better for your deliverability, and better for
your segmentation to have an engaged audience that wants to see
what you send them.

Second thing: stop your batch and blast sending. The inbox is a
personal place to interact with your customers and subscribers.
Stop sending out one message to your entire audience. Establish a
strong, personal connection with them, and nurture that to drive
more results from email.

And finally: don’t send any more irrelevant subject
lines. The buzz of subject line click-bait is long gone. Your
emails will get way more longevity out of direct, transparent, and
intriguing subject lines.

Next time on the email minute – 3 email practices to start

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The Email Minute 03: 9 Things to Start, Stop, & Keep Doing
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The Email Minute 03: 9 Things to Start, Stop, & Keep Doing (Part 1)