Transactional newsletters, better Logs and more

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working to make your
day-to-day tasks in Vero quicker and easier. We’ve released the
functionality to allow you to send transactional email newsletters
and improved Logs, timezone scheduling, and newsletter status

Transactional Newsletters

You can now send newsletters to both subscribed and unsubscribed

Transactional Newsletters allow you to send important, one-off
communications that are required to facilitate a transaction or
provide a product/service, as requested by the customer. For
example, an update to your terms of service, or a change to your
product or service that may affect your customers’ experience or
their requirements being met.

Transactional email newsletters

Ensure you understand and follow the
rules and legal requirements for transactional emails
using this feature.

Faster, better, prettier Logs

We’ve revamped the Logs section to make it faster for you to
find the data you’re looking for, aligning the navigation with
the rest of Vero. These updates make it easier to find a specific
customer interaction (log entry) and understand why a contact did
or did not receive a message.

Vero customer activity Logs redesign

You’ll see changes on both the Logs section and the activity
log shown on customer profiles.

Better scheduling for timezone newsletters

When scheduling a Newsletter and selecting the option
Deliver at this time on recipients timezone“,
you previously had to ensure you scheduled the Newsletter at least
24 hours prior to the selected time, in the first timezone

Now, you can schedule newsletters right up until the selected
time, in the first timezone. For example, if you wanted to send a
newsletter to customers at their local time 9am, 1 August 2019, you
can schedule the campaign up until 9am (GMT+13), 1 August 2019.

Newsletter status reporting

We’ve made it easier to see the status details of newsletters,
with a clear report showing:

  • Draft – when the newsletter was
  • Scheduled – the time that you scheduled the
    newsletter to send.
  • Queuing – at the scheduled time, we will
    ensure all segments are up to date.
  • Sending – the time the first email sent,
    after all segment calculations were completed.
  • Sent – the time the last email was

Newsletter Status report

Our aim is to make sure you have as much detail as possible
about what Vero is doing in the background.

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Transactional newsletters, better Logs and more
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Transactional newsletters, better Logs and more