Your Small Business or Nonprofit Could Win $20,000! Here’s How

Small Business Big Impact Award

In your life, there are big, defining moments that you never
forget. Weddings. Heartbreaks. Vacations. Graduations. Homeruns.
Births. Funerals. But then there are smaller, defining moments that
stay with you, too. The experiences that transcend your everyday
“normal,” and bring delight and surprise into your life. They
suddenly transform your ordinary into extraordinary. They’re
memorable, unexpected, and impactful. It’s these smaller
moments that AWeber has strived to create daily for our customers
over the past 20 years.
It’s why we provide an
award-winning 24/7 Customer Solutions team at our headquarters in
Pennsylvania. They’re here to help you succeed around-the-clock.
It’s why we send socks, T-shirts, stickers, and hand-written
notes to a new group of customers every single month. It’s why
our Chief Operating Officer, Sean Cohen (who started as a Customer
Solutions Manager at AWeber 17 years ago) still communicates with
customers through email or on the phone on a weekly basis. It’s
why every new feature we release on our platform is based on
extensive, one-on-one customer feedback. It’s why our
spam-fighting space explorer mascot, Commander AJ, makes impromptu
appearances at conferences to meet up with customers. (Heck, it’s
why we built a lifesize space explorer mascot to begin with!) And
it’s why, after a customer tweeted us saying, “I love AWeber.
If you guys made a cereal, I’d eat it every morning,” we
actually made a brand-new cereal and sent it to him. “Everything
we do has an impact on our customers,” says Cohen. “So we shoot
for remarkable. Not good. Not great. But remarkable.”
Now, to celebrate 20 years of creating remarkable
experiences for more than 1 million small businesses, AWeber wants
to reward one small business or nonprofit that goes above and
beyond for its customers. That’s why we’re launching
the Small Business, Big Impact! Award
Small Business Big Impact Award The
Small Business, Big Impact! Award contest begins on October 15,
2018, and all entries must be submitted by January 4, 2019 at 11:59
p.m. ET. To enter,
click here
. Tell us how you already create
remarkable experiences for your customers — and how you’d use
the $20,000 to make an even bigger impact.

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Your Small Business or Nonprofit Could Win $20,000! Here’s
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Your Small Business or Nonprofit Could Win ,000! Here’s How